Build a Better Workplace by Initiating Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy

July 5, 20194:58 pm
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“Tobacco is the most preventable cause of death in the world.” – World Health Organisation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that approximately 7 million deaths per year from all over the world are due to tobacco or disease caused by smoking. In 2030, the deaths are estimated to rise by 8 million people a year if the pattern of smoking all over the globe doesn’t change. In the U.S alone, about 5.6 million of teenagers age 18 and younger are expected to die prematurely from a smoking-related illness.

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What does it mean for business organisation?

There is no doubt that the number of deaths caused by smoking can harm your company’s bottom line. The biggest impact could be you might be losing talents due to smoking-related deaths. You might also suffer from higher health costs from your employees. Additionally, if your company allows employees to smoke freely, the smoke from tobacco or cigarette can harm other employees who are not smoking. Thusly, your workplace can also be polluted from the smoke of the cigarettes users.

Nonetheless, there is one effective way you can apply to prevent the unhealthy habit and build a better workplace by adapting or creating tobacco-free workplace policy. The benefits of the tobacco-free workplace include creating a safer and healthier workplace, reducing health care costs, and decreasing absenteeism due to tobacco-related illness. Likewise, the tobacco-free workplace will increase your employees’ and company’s productivity and performance.

In addition, you can do the following tips to spread the good around the office.

1.      Do a campaign poster – You can place a poster with a no-smoking sign other anti-smoking posters in every corner of your office. You can also put a sign of a healthy workplace that will raise awareness of your employees.

2.      Incentivise your employees who quit smoking completely – It has been proven by study and research that incentives can break our bad habit, including smoking. Thusly, you can make use of incentive advantage to help your employees.

3.      Charge your employee for smoking in the workplace – “One cigarette smoked = 5 dollars penalty” signs will be an effective way to prevent your employees from smoking in your office. But, of course, this line should be followed by a strict rule. If your employees break the rules, you should charge him with no exception. Then, you can collect the money for either charity or incentivise those who have quit smoking.

4.      Build a decent workplace – The most common reason for smoking is stress. Therefore, to maximise the campaign, you should also build a resilient and decent workplace. You can offer anti-smoking exercise, build an anti-smoking club for those who want to quit smoking, and spread the positivity of having a good and healthy body.

5.      Provide the smokers with what they need to prevent them from smoking such as candy, straws to chew on, or fresh veggies and fruits and kept in the office’s pantry.

6.      Do celebrate along the way as quitting smoking is a really big deal. Your employee might have a harder time on the process of quitting smoking. Therefore, it will be good if you congratulate your employee who quit smoking by celebrating it with the team or individually. You can set up a small dinner party or simply having drinks together. 

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