Branding Yourself

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Branding Yourself
branding yourself

First impression lasts, that’s how a famous saying goes. It is applicable to almost anything. From meeting someone for the first time, to business related meetings this will always be true.


During our ethics class, we were taught that a simple firm handshake can mean a lot. This can convey message to the other person that you are delighted to meet him and eager to know him a little more. Of course, appearance and credentials goes along with ethics in the business world.


Though these three are said to be fundamentals of giving out a good impression to potential clients or networks, today in the fast- phased world, those are no longer enough.


Through the help of all social media platforms easily accessible to all such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook, everyone is enabled to become known and connect in almost real time with their clients directly. Everybody is now equipped with building connections here and abroad. And making that first impression is no longer the only way in establishing your brand.


Branding plays a key role in establishing a business. Putting your best foot forward is ok but there is still more work that needs to be done.


You can hire a third party entity to get your business branded. However there are instances that the outcome might turn out not good. Branding one’s self keeps you updated and current in your chosen field and thus will open doors for new opportunities. This will also create a very lasting impression on both current and prospected clients. You will have the power over the initial perception that people thinks on you and your business.


Branding one’s self requires a lot of time, knowledge and dedication to the field. But here are some steps to help you create that good and long lasting impression to your clients.


  1. Become an expert and define your brand. Knowing everything about your business/ product will definitely help you build a very good network in the industry. People won’t be confused on what you are offering to your clients and also this will save your ass to potential competitors who want to kill your business outright.
  2. Visibility. Establishing a very good presence is one key in branding. If you are searchable through Google, then potential clients can be sure that your brand is what people will find in those search engines. One brilliant way to do this is by putting up a website or a blogsite of your business.
  3. Brand awareness. Promoting your brand, your products and services is another. This will be possibly effective with networking. By forming sturdy relationships with your audience, your business will be well- known, grow and your brand will be long term.
  4. Remember 3 Cs of branding. Clarity, Constancy and Consistency. Being clear with what you offer and being constant with the way you deliver your services can definitely help you build strong relationships with your current clients and will definitely entice your target clients to join you.
  5. Feedback Matters. Collect feedback from the people at work, at home, friends, and colleague, anywhere. By simply asking them for feedbacks, this will tell them that you cared for them and is very willing to do some certain adjustments just to be able to cater to their needs.


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