Best Team Building Activities HR Managers Can Adopt

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A workplace, indeed is a corporate portrayal of a family, in which each individual has different roles but working towards the same mission and objectives. Employees as a team support and integrate functions to work in collaboration regardless of their gender, race and social ethnicity.

Comprising of different individuals from different educational backgrounds and distinct personality traits, a team doesn’t always functions smoothly. Some factors like individual’s distinguished perspectives, opinions, and orientation can create conflicts at work. This could be irritating, demotivating employee morale and can end up in ignorant attitudes towards work.

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Therefore, it is better for HR managers to hold team building activities that create a solid teamwork for optimal performance at the company.

  • Volunteering

Volunteering in activities together as a team helps create a collaborative atmosphere which is impressive and challenging. Volunteering in project activities often lead a team to feel proud and more valuable, as they are working on something productive and useful.

This social activity of working towards the benefit of the society almost costs zero and is influencing to the persons involved in it. In volunteering, a team is asked to have good and effective communication skills, higher cooperations, dedication, motivation, and even willing to sacrifice as they will influence change in organisations.

  • Physical activities

Physical activity like sport could be an alternative way to hold a team building project. By doing sportive activities, the team has to set a strategy, divide their roles, execute cooperatively and support each other to win the game.

In sports, everybody has a chance to experience how it feels like when they are the leaders, strikers, goalkeepers, and understand how much each role works cooperatively in tandem to boost organisational efforts. The team can recognize each other’s strengths and find the right way to have a good cooperation.

  • Field trips

HR managers and employers should initiate field trips as a fun team building activity. Company doesn’t have to allocate large amount of budgets as the goal of the field trip to bond with the team.

Visiting a museum or the central park could be a great idea as each individual of the team could get to know each other better, chat in the most casual manner, and even refresh their minds to destress from the daily workloads.

  • Shared meals

Eating regularly with your team allows room for casual conversation in a comfortable environment. This will allow team members to know each other outside work and engage personally as well.

Team building activities might seem time consuming exercise, however it is worth building a more solid teamwork. Good teamwork with good communication skills and cooperation is an ideal team to work with, you should encourage the employees to feel more motivated in the workplace.

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