Benefits of VPN for Businesses & Some Insights You Must Know

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The internet is not entirely a safe place, especially for businesses that conduct their main operation and communication online. Hackers, scammers and cybercriminals are always lurking and watching from afar to attack the system when you let your guard down. Therefore, a secure and robust virtual private network needs to be adapted in business, for example VPN.

Virtual private network, also known as VPN, was first developed by Microsoft employee in 1996 when developing a peer-to-peer tunnelling protocol (PPTP). VPN is created to give internet users a secure connection between a computer and the internet. The encrypted and secure private browsing keeps you away from prying eyes, malware, hackers, and anyone else who might want to know where you browse or from where you are browsing.

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VPN creation is also seen to continuously advance alongside the internet and as its benefits become more widely known. According to a study by Global News Wire, VPN market will grow from its current value $17 billion to $54 billion by 2024. Among the reasons why it keeps growing is because the internet is a universal platform for conducting a business where cybercriminals are also committing thefts and frauds to harm businesses. Mobile devices are not immune to this threat either. Therefore, both organisation and consumers need to find a solution to secure their transaction via internet and VPN provides both safety and cost-effective solution to everyone who needs it. 

Another survey by Global Web Index showed that in 2019, 34 percent of APAC countries have already invested in VPN. The top ten markets lead for VPN usages are Indonesia, India, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Turkey, South Africa, and Singapore.

To expand business globally in the future, VPN would be more than needed than today. Why? Because current political and copyright issues around the world might be your greater problem to grow your business. For instance, there are already many countries, including Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. that have limited access over the internet by blocking certain websites and online services.


Besides its known ability to secure business data and transaction, VPN also has greater advantage than other security technologies. The benefits of VPN for SMEs and big firms are:

  • VPN creates enhanced data security by encrypting your data through a secure tunnel. Some VPNs software can also detect malware in files downloaded from the internet and provide warnings which will lessen the chances of your computer or mobile phones being infected by viruses.
  • VPN provides better online privacy by providing you with a new IP address when browsing online. Encryption of data will improve your data privacy by ensuring that prying eyes are not able to read your data.
  • VPN gives you the ability to bypass geo-blocking. Some countries might restrict some websites or content that support your business operations. VPN, however, will bypass geo-blocking by obscuring your access request so you can open the needed databases or websites.
  • VPN is relatively affordable. An average cost of VPN security is $10 per month. You can also get a VPN subscription or licence that support between three and 10 devices. Additionally, VPN software vendors also offer a multi-year plan at lower rates per month.

“The future of the VPN industry is bright, but mostly because the future of online privacy and security is so bleak.” – Andrew Medal 

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