Benefits of Coffee Breaks at Work

August 30, 201610:40 am2424 views

In the fast-paced digitised information age, employees are loaded with myriad tasks and responsibilities to execute within a strict time frame. Meeting deadlines at work is quintessential for businesses to thrive and survive in a competitive era. The hard work and great efforts of employees can sometimes lead to burnout, excess stress and tensions, impacting the quality and performance of work delivered.

To sustain employee productivity in a fast-paced environment, employers at large are seeking to deploy best workplace benefit strategies such as to decrease frustration among employees, allow them brief time for pleasurable interaction with colleagues during coffee breaks and in turn, boost the happiness quotient at work.

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One of the best workplace benefit, employers can provide at work is coffee breaks. A brief coffee break provides employees with quick ways to relax, unwind and build camaraderie among colleagues. It also helps enhance productivity levels, increases focus, and lowers the stress levels at work.

Here are some benefits of coffee breaks at work:

Increases Employee Productivity

Beyond the relaxing experience it provides, a cup of coffee can boost employee productivity levels at work. A brief coffee break encourages employees to bond socially, interact and mingle with other colleagues to indulge in an enjoyable, relaxing conversation.

This can further strengthen an individual’s social group in the working environment. Employees can have a shared relaxing time, re-energize themselves, and bond with the team well during this brief time frame. This is turn makes the workforce happier to sustain levels of productive outcome during the day.

Helps Employees to Focus and Increases Memory Function

A recent study at John Hopkins University reveals that low doses of caffeine can have beneficial effects on attention and focus. Two-hundred milligrams of caffeine can increase the attention span, however excess portion of caffeine intake is not good for health. High doses of caffeine do bring some negative effects such as anxiety, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and headache. Therefore, control your employees’ caffeine-intake to offer them moderate servings during the day, as much needed to relax and rejuvenate.

Supports Leg Movement – Time for a Brief Walk

A coffee break drives employees to have some leg movement by walking to get the cup of coffee from the office pantry or nearest coffee shop. This simple exercise can help employees avoid leg pain and symptoms, such as stiffness of muscles experienced, cramps and consequent other muscular problems.

Helps employees working in shifts to reduce the numbers of errors

Some employees who are required to work at nights like security officers and those working late hours need coffee breaks, else errors can be noticed in their work if they are not attentive.

Power nap and coffee breaks helps improve focus of employees at work to deliver and meet performance objectives.

A study found that caffeine significantly reduces the number of errors made by night-time workers. Compared to the workers’ group with adequate naps, those who consume caffeine make less errors at work.

Reduces stress

A study by the National Institute of Health found that, those who drink four or more cups of coffee during the day were about 10 percent less likely to be depressed than those who never have coffee.

Taking out time from your work schedule for a tiny coffee break would contribute to employee happiness and automatically decrease burnout faced by employees managing heavy workloads, deadlines and stressful situations every single day.

It is clear that coffee break time offers many benefits to perk up moods, boost employee engagement, productivity and sustain the overall performance at work. However, coffee-intake monitoring should be performed by the HR manager to avoid excess intake of caffeine by employees and support creation of healthy happy workplaces.

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