Being a New Employee? Put Attention On These Things!

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Congratulations! You have passed the daunting interview sessions and received a notification that you get the job. While you must be happy upon hearing the news, you should not be over-excited: the bigger challenge is in front of you.

Are sure that you are ready to work? If it is about the tasks and job desk, your employer will provide you with necessary orientation and training to get you used to the new role. However, the actual challenge lies in the fact that you have to work in an entirely new environment. If you fail to fit in the culture, there are good chances that you will find it difficult to shift in the job role as well.

Learning from your previous experience, how long did it take until you finally settled in your job? That being said, good adaptation skill is important in this process, because it will help you deliver the best performance. If you happen to land in a new job this year and need some advices to make faster adjustments in the new role, here some key points you should put attention on the first days of work:

The coworkers

Your coworkers will be your second family at work, as you will spend most of your time in the weekday with them. Owing to which, it is important to build a positive relationship with them. You know that as a new employee you have to demonstrate a friendly manner by flashing genuine smile, greeting them, and initiating light conversation when meeting them. However, you should keep in mind not to cross the line. It is not a good idea to be too inquisitive about your coworkers’ private life as you will be seen as an annoying individual. Additionally, whenever you need their help, you should not forget to say “please” and “thanks” politely. And as a good team member, you should volunteer a helping hand when you know they need help, too.

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The higher-ups

Manager, supervisor, and other position in the management do not simply trust you unless you can prove that you are trustworthy. As a newbie, it is safe to say that you should comply with the rule and not present yourself as a potential rebel. At first, do not take the risk of being a deviant by showing resistance to them. For example, when you are asked to finish certain task using particular method, you should follow the lead. The higher-ups do not really like to hear you say “I used to do this way in my previous job” from someone new.

Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)

Beside of making an unpleasant feeling to your boss, breaking the Standard Operational Procedures is also not tolerated thing. It can bring bad impact to your job. You should make sure that you understand your SOP. It is a silly thing to break it just because you don’t know about it. Don’t hesitate to find information as much as possible.

Corporate culture

Isn’t it weird to see someone wearing T-shirt among suited men? Of course, it is. To avoid this kind of embarrassment, you should pay attention to the corporate culture such as the dresscode, and follow the rule of conduct accordingly. When you have committed to work in the company, it means you should be willing to comply with both the written rules and unwritten convention too.

Office environment

Just like your coworkers, the office will be your second home. That is why, you should pay good attention to the office environment. Trivial things such as leaving a used tissue on the washstand, splashing coffee on the floor, leaving your former post-it on your colleague’s table and other similar carelessness are enough to make people around you get sick of you. You also have to be careful when using office facilities, such as taking good care of the PC on your desk, mouse, printer, and other stuffs.

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