Bad Behaviors You Should Avoid to Optimise Your Productivity

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Did you find yourself stuck in the tasks you should have completed faster? What makes you unable to meet the goals? Is it because the workload is too heavy, or you simply being unproductive today? Going to work each day requires more than just showing up at the office on time, sitting in your cubicle and getting absorbed in your tasks all day, then leaving work on time too. Beyond the routine, it is crucial to pay attention to your level of productivity.

Be it physical or psychological factors, there are many variables that affect an employee’s productivity level. Rather than being busy for something trivial, it is more important to channel your energy and use your precious time at work for something bigger. Here are some bad habits that should be avoided to maximise your productivity at work:

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Stay up too late at night

What time do you usually go to bed? Staying all night long only to playing games, watching movies, or hanging out with your friends is not really a good lifestyle you should not do too often. Not only ruining your sleep cycle that leads to sleep deprivation, you will suffer from fatigue and have no energy in the morning. This will affect your productivity, as it is not easy to stay focused on your tasks when you are tired. Worse, you might end up falling asleep on your desk and commit presenteeism.

Bring personal issues to work

Having quarrel with a family member, confronting with a friend, and other personal matters should be kept at home. When you are entering your office door, you should put these issues for a while and turn your focus on the job. Overthinking your personal problems in the office is not professional and reduce your productivity.

Take the job lightly

You might think you still have some more hours to finish your tasks and catch up with deadline, so you use up the time to log into Facebook and stalk your favourite actors. The act of procrastination is a bad behaviour you should avoid if you do not want to waste your precious time. Even when you do not have any deadline around the corner, it is better to finish the task sooner. By doing so, you can prove your manager that you are a discipline and timely individual.

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