70,000 Workers for Various Industries Needed in Ho Chi Minh City

October 24, 201711:00 am1119 views

For the remaining months of the year, about 70,000 workers are needed to fill vacant positions in various industries across HCM City, according to the HCM City Human Resources Forecast and Labour Market Information (Falmi) Centre. Among others, garments and textiles, sales, services, logistics and IT sectors are predicted to absorb the biggest workforce.

However, despite high volume of job openings, many workers are reluctant to change jobs because they will receive bonuses from their company at the year end, Vietnam News reports.

In regards to this matter, a report from the Navigos Group collaborating with online recruitment portal VietnamWork and executive search firm Navigos Search found that several companies were actually willing to provide bonuses for new employees, as an effort to compensate the loss.

The labour market in the power sector is projected to see significant growth after a long quiet period, as thermal power is forecast to continue expanding to meet increasing electricity demand in Viet Nam. Meanwhile, many solar energy projects from foreign investors are also being proposed in localities throughout the country.

According to the report, HCM City will see increasing demand for managers too. Talents demand for mid- and senior-level positions by the firm’s clients rose in the last quarter with 19 percent compared to the same period last year.

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Meanwhile, the industries which had the highest recruitment demand in this managerial positions included banking and finance, consumer goods and retail, ICT, manufacturing and services. In the banking and finance industry, the highest demands were coming from banks, insurance companies, and consumer finance companies. In the service industry, advertising and marketing firms will require most demands. On the third rank, ICT will require most talents to fill jobs in IT services and system integration. The positions were primarily for managers and engineers in different programming languages.

According to Navigos Search, in the last quarter of the year, some MNCs in the consumer goods industry has been struggling to recruit regional sales managers, especially in the northern mountainous are of the country. The challenge lies in the fact that experienced candidates are not really interested in taking jobs in this area, while less experienced candidates do not meet the requirements. Not to mention, English is among top weakness of mid-level sales managers in the northern area.

Additionally, the birth of international fashion brands in Vietnam has opened up more employment opportunities for Vietnamese candidates at all levels. In the retail industry, mergers and acquisitions are still ongoing process. Several leading Vietnamese brands have been acquired by corporations from Japan and Thailand. Such deals have created opportunities for Vietnamese staff to gain wider access to international working styles and professional chain management.

Talking about the salaries, senior-level management positions in the consumer goods industry receive the highest pay, with nearly VNĐ300 million (US$13,157) per month. Meanwhile, salaries for mid- and senior-level managers in various industries, such as real estate, banking, ICT and manufacturing, range from VNĐ100 million to VNĐ220 million ($4.385-9.649) per month.

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