7 Interesting Findings about Vietnamese Generation Z

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As Generation Z is starting to enter the labour force for the first time, it is essential for us to take a look at the next wave of digital natives headed for your organisation. Possibly, Gen-Z from one country to another has their own characteristics.

A recent research by Epinion Global digs deeper for Vietnamese Generation Z. With 14.4 millions population in Vietnam, they are spending around 2.5 millions Vietnamese Dong per month. The research mentioned the definitive truths about Vietnamese Gen-Z: born in a digital world with full access to information, and they see a very blurred line between digital and physical world.

7 Interesting Findings about Vietnamese Generation Z

With 710 respondents, Epinion found seven key interesting findings of Vietnamese Generation Z. Those are:

1. They don’t enjoy being out and about

Online all the time is normal for Vietnamese Gen-Z. They just enjoy being online, hanging out, and laying down at home. Thus, they are unlikely take the city by storm. Moreover, they are also most comfortable with people behind the screen. In fact, they choose chat apps or text over face-to-face contact, with 47% of them prefer to express their feelings through stickers, emoticons, and emojis.

On the other words, we would welcome emoticons as primitive language, and more attempts on social media presences from them.

2. Mobile phone is their lifeline

Yes, many people can’t keep their hands off their mobile phones. Vietnamese Gen-Z is even starting to suffer Nomophobia, a fear of being without a cell phone, and/or Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the perception that one’s mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when in fact the telephone is not doing so.

We will see more mobile distractions in the future, as they love to search for informations, products, and brands on their gadgets.

3. However, they are more sceptical to the internet

Even though they receive plenty of information online, they are more skeptical than you think. Only 27% of them agree to the statement “I trust information friends share on social media”. Yes, they are quite careful not to fall for the bait. Hence, Vietnamese Generation Z is discerning online. They believe that the original source of the information shared must be trusted and credible.

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4. They are quite concerned with social issue

Vietnamese Gen-Z thinks it is good to stand up for something. They have a strong desire to get involved on social issues, since they are growing up in a time of awareness on social issues. Thus, they are more likely to support businesses that serve a higher purpose.

5. They suffer from perpetual child syndrome

Yes, Vietnamese Gen-Z became the center of attention. Generally grew up in a healthy economy, 82% of them admit that they live better lives than their parents generation. It makes them a little too comfortable at home, and possibly their comfort zones.

6. They are confident and knowledgeable

Living in the era of fast-changing technology, they became creatures of confidence. Starting with 83% feels they know more about technology than their parents. Their roar is heard with higher influence on important decisions.

Also, with the information at their fingertips, they think that they are smart and always in the know. If they have a desire to learn and advance their education, it is likely that Gen-Z will be the most knowledgeable generation we have ever come across.

7. They would be extinct without the Internet

Of course! All of their main entertainments and news came from the internet. They are also thirsty with online contents. We can consider that Gen-Z is content-follower. Thus, to capture their attentions, company/organisation should provides visually rich media, combines the fun factors to campaigns, and sends story-fied but simple messages.

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