6 Most Time-Consuming HR Tasks that Need Automation

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“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!”

Being an HR professional means that you have to manage time in an efficient and effective manner. However, putting the old-saying above into real practice is not that easy. While it seems that HR department often deals with administrative tasks that look easy to do, this kind of task actually needs high level of concentration and takes up a lot time.

For example, with only a few staff members, HR department needs to handle stacking piles of employee records, make reports regarding to employee performance, and manage the payroll. Not to mention, HR also has responsibility to source, sort out resumes, and conduct round of tests and interviews to recruit new employees. With all these overwhelming tasks, you might feel that there is never enough time to get everything done.

When you already have too much on your plate but the tasks keep piling up, relying on automation could be the best way to help you unload the burden. Today, we live in a world where technology is here to make our jobs easier and quicker. Instead of hiring additional staffs and assigning the tasks to them, you can use the budget on automation technology. Below, we share six most time-consuming HR tasks that need automation:


Every hiring manager will agree that recruitment is a complicated and time-consuming process. While it might not take a long time to craft a job vacancy, you will have to spend a lot of time to share the advertisements to every online job portal and social media. Rather than doing it manually, you can rely on social media management tools such as HootSuite or PilotPoster to do the task. These tools will help you share the vacancy to connected platforms only in one click.

Meanwhile, to help you sort out hundreds of resumes you receive in a job opening, you can use application software such as applicant tracking system (ATS). Therefore, you do not need to waste your precious time by reading them one by one as the machine will filter only the resumes that meet the requirements.

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Email Management

How many email do you receive everyday? While it might seem trivial, checking and replying emails could take up the whole day. To better manage your time, you can sort the emails based on its priority so you can differentiate the urgent and less urgent ones. Additionally, you should consider using intranet software too, as this tool will help you share information to the employees more quickly and efficiently. The software also can help you share email based on specific purposes such as interview invitation, meeting invitation, and others.

Data Management

Imagine a company with thousands of employees have to keep their employees’ data and employment records in printed files. They might need a huge room dedicated to store these files in folders and shelves. Keeping such storage neat and clean in itself is a tough job, let alone when you need to find certain files immediately. Such situation will not happen if the HR department uses staffing software to keep business and employees’ data in the form of soft-files. Staffing software will help you find the data just by typing the name or the ID number of employee.

Employee Attendance

Managing employee attendance, along with approving leave requests from employees and recording their medical and annual leave could be a very stressful task. Staffing software will be really helpful to fix your problem so you do not have to manually check your employee’s leave schedule before approving a leave request, nor manually accumulate the attendance with calculator.

Daily Report

To supervise employees performance and see the progress of new hires, HR leaders need to collect daily report from them. To save up more time in this process, you can use automated system such as staffing software so you can easily collect the report. You can also easily check and assess the employee’s track record whenever you need it.

Payroll Accounting and Management

Payroll accounting and management could be the most time consuming task for HR professional, as you have to deal with the company’s payroll calculation based their attendance, timesheet, invoice, incentive and so on. You can automate this function using staffing software. Not only makes it easy to calculate the paycheck, such software is also useful to save every payout record so it can be reviewed whenever you need it.

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