6 Clear Indicative Signs Your Employees’ are Worth a Promotion

August 29, 201610:40 am
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After conducting fair and objective performance appraisals, it is the right time for employers to determine if an employee is entitled to a promotion or not. However, when employees exemplify extraordinary abilities to learn, excel and showcase dedication towards the job role, then it’s a calling for HR managers to prep up efforts to announce the promotion.

Need for career advancement and growth demonstrated by employees through their workings is a crucial indicator to help employers decide if the talent is worth a promotion or not.

Today’s generation of workforce choose to work for companies wherein their efforts are recognised, adequately rewarded and appreciated. Along with promotion, they do seek better remuneration, employee benefits, more opportunities for learning and self-development.

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Promotion motivates employees to perform better in their job role, enhances productivity and this in turn reflects on the quality of work delivered. Furthermore, it helps foster healthy competitive spirit among employees to meet client, industry and business expectations without compromising on the efficacy standards.

Benefits follow the much-desired promotion by employees in the team, together sharing the onus of being accountable and responsible for decisions that impact business workings.

HR managers and employers alike should be able to carefully evaluate employees based on their skillsets, passion for the job role, commitment, aspiration to grow and lead, desire to continue working for the company on a longer run and many such parameters, before arriving at a conclusive decision of promoting an employee.

Targeted efforts towards executing a well-thought promotion decision and appraisal program, would reward top performers for their consistent efforts without dampening the morale of other staffers who for reasons, couldn’t qualify for a promotion and salary raise at this point in time.

It is important for HR managers to be tactile in their approaches when announcing promotions. They should not showcase any signs of favouritism or unfair methodologies used to arrive at a promotion decision.

Here are six clear indicative signs that would help you measure and gauge, if your employees’ are truly deserving promotion and subsequent salary raise:

  • When an employee excels in the job role beyond expectations

An average-performer will execute tasks timely and meet the standards of expectation set by the employer. However, an above-average performer always strives to excel and tends to surpass minimum expectation criteria set by the employer. Such talented and motivated workforce undoubtedly deserves a promotion. Employers should observe fair means and transparency when deciding on the consistent super-performer in the team.

  • Employees’ perform beyond their job scope

Some employees are able to deliver much more than completing their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. With effective time management skills and speedy efficiencies, they tend to grasp quickly and perform tasks beyond the scope of their job role. Such efforts by competent professionals should be duly recognised and rewarded. What better than offering a scoop of joy to this dedicated workforce in the form of a promotion?

  • When employees are highly committed to their workings

It is not always hard to screen the highly committed employees at work. Employees who are willing to go an extra mile to meet deadlines, do not slack off responsibilities and are willing to take up more responsibilities during the assigned working hours are considered to be highly committed towards work. These staffers need to be retained as a part of the talented workforce and, well-deserving promotion might just work the magic to make the hard-working employees stay.

  • Employees who are flexible and willing to adapt to change

Not all employees are flexible in their approaches and adapt to changing times of business quickly, imply new working models and meet increasing business demands. These employees are open to new learnings during the tenure of career progression with a company, and willing to work without cribs or complaints in new job roles. They can further work well individually and also in a team environment. Hence, they are much deserving of a promotion. Employers should not be rethinking on their efforts to boost employee morale with a due salary hike and promotion.

  • When employees hone their skills and master the job role

Employees who have honed their skills to perfection need new challenges to sharpen their expertise. Employers should recognise such professionals aiming for perfection with promotion, higher salary, additional responsibilities and provide technical training programs to upskill the talented workforce.

  • When employees are willing to cooperate, learn and help others

Helpful and supportive employees showcase higher levels of comfort to coexist in a workplace environment and care for overall company growth prospects. They seek for ways to perform beyond their job scope, while not just focusing on their main tasks everyday tasks. Promotion will help motivate these employees to be more positive and proactive at work, to spread the vivacious energetic spirit in the team as well.

HR managers and employers should be honest, and transparent in their approaches when considering suitable employees queued up for a promotion and make sure the announcement is made right, such as to not make other employees feel sidelined and unappreciated for their efforts.

Employees in turn should be consistent performers at work. They should be aware of the fact that scaling up the ladder of success is not easy and every promotion comes with its share of higher responsibilities. There is no substitute for hard work all along the way.

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