5 Types of Annoying Coworkers and How to Deal with Them

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It doesn’t matter where you work and the size of the industry you serve, annoying coworkers are almost everywhere. There is nothing called as an Ideal workplace wherein everyone is just the way they should ideally be, cooperative, kind and well-mannered. At a time, you can have a nice boss, great working environment, attractive salary and allowance, but you still cannot avoid yourself to work with some horrible workers.

As a HR manager, you might have come across many facets to the co-workers emotions, behaviours and mood temperaments. Best co-workers provide a reason to stay on job, increase productivity and make the employees enjoy working, while the annoying ones can transform the office working spaces into a living hell, drag the colleagues down and make it hard to concentrate on tasks to accomplish for the day.

Most of us at work are confronted with irritating and annoying employees, some can be very talkative to the most arrogant, ill-mannered ones. Dealing with each of them requires tact. However, what you must bear in mind is that you cannot avoid ill behaviours of others, to impact on your productivity and performance goals.

As a HR manager, you cannot always call in some arrogant employees to your desk and clarify their terrible behaviors. On the other hand, you cannot judge or even scold those annoying workers as they lack maturity, and have been working for long tenure with a company. They have been great performers contributing to significant achievements.

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Your employees are grown up, but they can behave kid-like at work. It is important for staffers to be able to get along with everyone, including the annoying co-workers and keep the optimal productivity levels high.

Here are 5 types of the most annoying coworkers you might have confronted at work and are struggling hard to deal with them:

Know-It-All Coworker

Some co-workers are superstars, and they know it very well. They have good capability, collect many achievements, show off the high performance and have a close relationship with the top management.

To work with such attractive co-workers is profitable, as their high competencies would help much to execute some important projects. However, the overly high self-esteem frequently disturbs other employees, as they begin to doubt their competencies, fear rejection to ideas, opinions and slack initiatives towards an issue.

As a HR manager, suggest the employees to be well-prepared and provide adequate references to initiate their ideas. Even if they know they are right, and everyone agrees, just nod and smile at their outrageous claims.

Cubicle Invader Coworker

Some employees love to visit other colleagues’ cubicles during the work hours and discuss about something unimportant, throw some not funny-at-all jokes and boring issues to kill their spare time.

This bad behavior can disturb other’s concentration, especially when they are rushing between deadlines and need to deal with some urgent tasks.

Suggest your employees to be assertive by uttering that they are super busy right now. If not, ask them to fill their empty spaces with some stacks of documents, papers, briefcases or everything to prevent the annoying invasions.

The Gossip Coworker

The gossip co-workers are like chameleons. They are like water, easy mingling and taking the form of whatever situation they are presented with. They’re always waiting for someone to fall into their trap like a sneaky reptile.

To discuss about flaws in the company workings and those of certain team members  is lined up on their cards every day, and if your employees cannot stand up to this bothering group, suggest them to stay off the gossip, not the people.

When they have lunch together and the gossip wave is coming in, just sneak out to have an important call and evade discussions or opinionating about an issue that demeans other employees.

The Office Bully Coworker

The bully in the office is quite different from the bully in the childhood. Worst of all, your boss is often to be the office bully and abuses his authority to jab about your bad working performance or weaknesses.

Instead of reacting to the act of being bullied, just walk away unaffected and avoid pointless arguments with this kind of horrible co-worker. He can get on your nerves for no specific real reason.

The Stud Coworker

This coworker tends to exude bad behaviour in the office. He thinks he can act pervert or sexually harass someone at work, just for fun. While this only spoils the air at work. This coworkers especially if a man, tends to bother female coworkers. Stay away from this type of coworker and ignore his passes to seek attention from others.

Every company has some employees who showcase inappropriate and arrogant behaviours at work. However, workers must be able to get along with all colleagues if they want to stay productive and work in the most optimal manner.

Being in a position of HR, it requires immense amount of patience to deal with different kinds of employees at work and retain workplace culture at all times to breed productivity and growth.

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