5 Terrific Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

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Almost all employers believe that engaged employees drive company’s growth to excel in the competitive times. However, many of them are willing to look for alternative means to increase employee engagement at work, from zero-cost attempts to the most-expensive strategies.

Based on a Gallup Survey called ‘The Engaged Workplace,’ 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. This increased numbers of lack of employee engagement in most companies clearly indicate that they need to understand employee behaviours and motivators that drive them to work everyday.

Engaged employees are great investments, as they voluntarily invest extra time, efforts and take initiatives to contribute to business success. They have a sense of ownership towards the duties entrusted, bring enthusiasm, passion and energy to the workplace. These highly motivated employees in turn become high performers, with high productivity levels in comparison to other colleagues.

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HR managers, employers, top management and senior leaders must find some great ways to increase employee engagement at workplace. Here are some affordable means to boost the engagement levels of your workforce:

Inspiring Leadership

Managers, supervisors and senior leaders contribute much to the improvement of employees’ engagement. An apathetic leader who tends to be more demanding rather than being caring and valuing employee contributions, will soon turn the workplace to bring boredom among employees.

Conversely, when leaders offer open communication, great understanding and high appreciation towards their employees, they feel more valued and soon realize worth of their contributions to the company. An inspiring leader knows how employees define an organisation’s success and hence creates a rewarding method of engagement that best suits the employee expectations.

A Space to Progress

No one wants to remain static in their career. Employees want to progress and grow in their careers to enhance quality of their lives. Therefore, employers should provide adequate training and opportunities to broaden the employee’s’ capability.

Training programs can upgrade employees’ skill sets and capabilities to bring about radical transformation in company progression and growth. Training also makes employees feel more valued and appreciated to hone new skills on job, and this investment in skills upgradation is returned by employees through higher engagement levels at work.

Meaningful Work

One way to boost employees engagement is by making them realise their importance and integral role in the company’s growth path. A clear explanation on how their job role contributes to the overall company’s vision and drives success will motivate them to perform better each day at work. This fosters increase in levels of engagement.

When employees realise they are valuable, they experience a higher sense of pride, satisfaction, confidence and keen orientation towards their goals. By involving the key performers in a team to make some important business decisions, companies can gain more benefits in terms of higher engagement and productivity.

Recognition and Rewards

Key things that lead to higher motivation and engagement are being recognised and rewarded. Competitive compensation, incentives, bonuses and other benefits are most desirable by employees.Also, regular appreciation and thanking them for their contributions, demonstrates that the company values people’s hard work and encourages them to boost their performance.

People-Focused Culture

A friendly workplace that provides flexibility, work-life balance and joyful camaraderie results in building a people-focused culture at work. Employees feel secured in a right positive workplace environment and provision of tools to boost performance efficiency, makes them believe and see future growth prospects with an employer.

Employee engagement requires time and consistent efforts to achieve. Highly engaged employees will automatically drive higher revenues, success and make companies sustain the momentum of growth in competitive times.

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