5 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Wasting Your Talent On Job

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The average working hours of a full time employee are about 8 to 9 hours per day. This fact indicates that one third or more of an employee’s life is spent at the workplace. Having a great job that suits one’s interest would be fanciful daily routines. On the contrary,  when you do not enjoy what you do for a living it can lead to productivity burnout, poor performance and quality standards, plus burn out to leave you feeling exhausted every single day.

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If interrogated about your career choices and why you chose the job you do, you might probably end up arguing that while this job is not your interest, you will still continue to stick on it. Here are 5 tell-tale signs that offer a clear indication, if you are wasting your precious talent on your recent job role:

  • Nobody wants to hear you

To cite an example, you have secured masters in management and managed to pass out with flying colors on your certificate. But you merely manage to carry out work assignments which are easy as a pie. You need an opportunity to learn and improvise on your skills, however every time you ask for more proportion of tasks, your employer simply refuses to hand over more responsibility to you. While it is quite stressing to bear overloaded tasks in the workplace, it can also be irritating to not be rated by the company you work for.

  • Your competency is bordered with company’s standard

Some corporate companies apply strict rules to employee working. This cannot be denied as every company has its own system to maintain productivity levels of their workforce. With millennials joining the workforce, they do not appreciate their competencies to be bordered with pre-determined company standards.

  • Your employer has no clear vision for the company

Unclear visions impact on unclear mission too. As the core energy, visions and missions are absolute things to execute as the future of a company’s life. When the employer is too engaged on daily issues and tiny technical errors, you should be questioning on mind – how long this company would eventually survive?

  • You are so frustrated with your job

Weekends come and you are totally delighted to spend the time. Weekend is something everybody would love, but when it is associated with freedom and no job at all, beware! You are probably very stressful at your workplace. When you imagine Monday with your annoying boss, irritating colleagues and enormous piled up work, you probably need a leave or even find another suitable job!

  • You are not who you are

Everybody said you are really skilled at your talent, except the employer in your office. You are actually able to sit at the higher position but the employer still annoyingly places you as a low level employee. It is fine if the company wants to test your patience and efforts in your early periods of working. However, positioning low level employee for a long period of time is disturbing.

Life is a choice, whether you still want to stay in your recent company or move on to a better one. One thing emphasized is that your future waits for your action right now. Nothing will change if we do not change it. Go consider those signs and take action before you run out of time!

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