5 Must-Have Mobile Apps For HR Professionals

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Are you mobile-savvy and technologically abreast of the recent mobile trends that can ease your painstaking efforts to recruit, retain and manage administrative functions? If not, then fret not.

Do you still feel the hitch to download any of these below listed mobile apps? Just be rest assured that we are not listing the top 10 apps for HR professionals, but only the five must-have apps on the Smartphone of every HR professional. If you do not have these on your devices, then perhaps you are losing out on the competition.

If studies could prove a testament to any of our understandings of mobile penetration into almost every sphere of industry, a recent study reported on News 18, by Chinese Language Internet service provider Baidu Inc. stated that almost 60 percent people use Smartphone as a preliminary medium of communication, with users expected to reach 6.1 billion by 2020.

With every industry catching up pace with the momentum of change, and the virtual trend of being reachable and accessible anywhere via mobile networks has made it much more convenient for human resource managers to reach out to potential talent on the move.

Having said that, very few HR managers are technologically abreast of how mobile apps work to ease their recruitment worries by solely relying on technology to target the mobile-savvy workforce. This lack of awareness and understanding can partially be attributed to the fact that HR professionals are only trained in their primary area of expertise being human resource management and technology is still new to them.

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Furthermore, harnessing the mobile apps to save on time and costs is a concept alien to senior HR leaders who belong to Gen X, Baby Boomer generations of the workforce. Hence these senior professionals are still reliant on traditional styles of working, except for using Internet and accessing emails, chat apps on mobile.

Here are 5 helpful, must-have apps for HR managers, you can download right away on your Smartphones:

HireVue Pro

It is now possible to make a quick hire, as this app enables you to watch pre-recorded interviews with candidate anytime, anywhere right on your Smartphone handset. This accessibility and convenience provided by the app is must-suited to adapt to the busy workings of HR professionals and decide on the best hire in just a matter of few clicks. You and the team can watch, rate and share with other members to fasten the recruitment process.

This apps has some worth-try features such as:

  • Video introductions: Enables your company to introduce its’ profile and story
  • Live video interview screening of candidates: Real time interview screening of candidates depending on your convenience.
  • Digital Assessments: You can effectively omit the lengthy traditional assessments by using this hiring-manager friendly app.
  • HireVue for Engineering: Digital interview for engineering and other specialized talent
  • Predicts Insights: You won’t miss out on the best quality candidate in your talent pool.


Common tasks and regular duties could be hassle, especially when you are highly busy accomplishing the more urgent issues. Need an assistance? Keep calm and function with the help of BambooHR app. This app assists HR managers to streamline and manage common everyday functions with ease to include:

  • See colleagues’ information (to include call, email and message them with a tap),
  • Add contacts quickly
  • See who’s out of the office today and in the weeks to come
  • See current and calculate the future time off balances
  • Submit, view, edit and comment on the time-off requests.

HR Cube

At HR Cube, you will have your personal assistance in hiring the candidates. This amazing application will not just help churn out the most suitable talent for a position but also help evaluate and shortlist the ones, best suited for the job role. Stay off the hassle to arrange and schedule the HR interviews with a candidate. Trust on the efficacy of HR Cube to save on time, costs and efforts.


After downloading this app, you will be quite amazed by the functionality offered rarely found on other apps in the HR platform arena. If your employer or boss is out of country for months on a business trip and you need immediate signature on an urgent document, the HelloSign is just the app you need to be installed on your Smartphone device.

Signing documents and even employee contracts becomes much more easier on the HelloSign mobile application. Put away your pen, scanner and automatic printer, you can manage it all right from your handheld device.

If document protection and security worries are your concern, when it comes to signature transfer using the app, then secured server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 certified data center with ISO 27001 certification assures you of privacy and security from data thefts.

For added protection, HelloSign also offers the option to secure sensitive documents using HelloSign’s Access Pin two-factor authentication.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Now it’s all hands free to type some important notes, update Facebook and Twitter posts, even send and receive emails and messages right from your mobile phone.

By using Dragon Mobile Assistant, it is possible to update your social network posts right from your handset. The most interesting feature is that you can create your own voiceprint such that it will be attentive only to your commands and no one else can access the same.

These top 5 apps should definitely offer reasons enough for HR professionals to go mobile savvy!

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