5-Minute Quick Hacks to Boost Your Resume

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Most professionals spend eight hours at work everyday of the week. If you sum this all up, you’ll get 1,842 hours per year. In their entire lifetime, these workers will spend at least 90,000 hours at their job!

That’s why working for a job you don’t like, makes no sense. People stick to jobs they hate for various reasons. Some are afraid of change, while others want to avoid the fierce competition in the job market.

But you shouldn’t stick to your old job, just because you’re scared. All it takes is learning how to prepare a resume that instantly attracts the attention of recruiters and presents you, as a great match for the job role.

Start with these quick 5-minute tricks to instantly boost the value of your resume in the job market, and get closer to your dream job.

Here are some things you can do right now to improve your resume:

  • Create a visual hierarchy on your resume to help recruiters scan it – use bullet point lists and formatting (bold, italics, CAPS).
  • Write down information in order of importance.
  • Choose a font that enhances readability.
  • Write a compelling resume objective where you show who you are, and what are your career aspirations/goals in the long run.
  • Sprinkle your resume with strategic keywords to keep hiring managers interested.
  • Add numbers and statistics that showcase your expertise.
  • Proofread your resume – use Grammarly or Language Tool for additional corrections, then have someone else read your resume.
  • Polish your online presence – remember that your resume and online profiles should present a single coherent professional story.  

Present recruiters with your revamped resume and you’re bound to land more job interviews than before.

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Check out this Infographic to see more 5-minute tricks for boosting your resume to get closer to your dream job.5 Minute Resume Hacks - Natalie Servert-min

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