5 Key Recruiting Trends for 2016

December 31, 201510:51 am810 views

As the talent shortage inevitably extends into 2016, there are 5 key recruiting trends that are sure to gain more traction:

1. Employer branding

Every organisation has an employer brand, which is how your employees and candidates perceive your organisation as a workplace. Not all organisations, however, make an effort to actively guide and promote it. Your employment brand can help you attract and close top-tier talent, or it can deter candidates from considering your opportunity or accepting your offer. As the talent shortage extends into 2016, more organisations will monitor, steer and promote their employer brand to make sure it reflects the image they want to portray to candidates.

2. Candidate experience

The experience candidates have with your organisation affects their decision to accept your offer, but also contributes to your employer brand. Candidates often share experiences with friends and family, and potentially even strangers, either 1×1 or through public forums like social media or review sites. If organisations want to recruit top-tier talent, they will learn the importance of providing a great candidate experience.

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3. Candidate nurturing

Between active and passive candidates, some aren’t yet ready to make a move, some aren’t currently qualified, and others would be a great fit if you only had an open position for them. Nurturing your candidates helps you build relationships with people who you may want to hire at some point in the future. Investing in your talent pipeline well ahead of time will ensure that you have the talent you need, when you need it.

4. Data-driven recruiting

The technology available today gives us great insights about how to optimise recruiting. For instance, BountyJobs shares agency benchmarking data so organisations can see how they compare to industry averages when it comes to things like agency fees and interview rates. Recruiters have more data available to them than ever before, and should be using it to optimise everything from their job descriptions, interview process, compensation plan and yes, even which agencies they work with.

5. Flex work

Again, the technology available today is driving this trend. Workers are no longer tethered to their desks because it is easier than ever to work anytime, and anywhere. Flexible work schedules and remote work can help your organisation expand its talent pool because you won’t be limited to local candidates, or to those who are willing to relocate. When everyone else is struggling to find skilled workers, organisations that offer flex work options will have a larger talent pool from which to recruit.

What recruiting trends do you think will gain more traction in 2016?

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