4 Team Building Ideas For Your Next Event!

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While efficiency is important to each individual at work, working effectively in a team is as important to achieving success in tasks, team members’ morale and it can highly affect the retention rate of the employees too!

Being colleagues, socialising with each other is common.  HR can further tighten the bond between employees and employers through organising team building activities.

Team building activities not only form a closer relationship with each other with memories to share, but it can also bring about positive impacts like increasing the efficiency between communicating with one another, enhancing problem-solving skills and building up the trust amongst the employees.

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With that, here are some great ideas on the activities you can organise for your company!

1) Life Highlights Game

Time required: 30 minutes

Purpose: Employees get a feel for each other’s passions, love and personalities

How-To-Play: Appoint someone as the leader of the game. Ask all employees to close their eyes for 30 seconds and let them remember the most impressive, unforgettable moments they have experienced with families, friends and spouses. Ask each of them to tell their stories in turns.

2) Coin Logo

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Purpose: Employees are trained to work together and exchange ideas to decide on a conclusion.

How-To-Play: Employees are asked to empty their pockets and put all the coins that they have on the table. Divide employees into groups to make a logo from the coins that they get. Some additional materials like pens and notebooks are also allowed. When completed, they are supposed to describe the logo and the philosophy beyond it.

3) Picture Pieces Games

Time required: 30 minutes

Purpose: Employees learn to work in a team and understand that each plays a part in contributing to the overall group results.

How-To-Play: Drawing papers and board markers are required in this game. Start by distributing small pieces of 1 picture to each employee and ask them to draw it five times bigger than the original size. Once they are done, the employee will stick it on the board and allow others to continue so that their parts will eventually form the final picture.

4) The Mine Field

Time required: 30 minutes

Purpose: Enhance the trust, bond deeper relationships and induce effective communication amongst team members.

How-To-Play: A timekeeper will be needed in this game. Employees will be formed into groups and for a start, one of the team members of each group will be blindfolded with a piece of dark coloured cloth. Other team members are to direct their blindfolded member, avoiding obstacles (could be cones or blocks) and succeeding in grabbing as many mines as possible in the span of 2 minutes. Once the time is up, the next team member will go next. The group that succeed in collecting the most mines wins!

Team building activities are great affordable ways to build camaraderie amongst employees, increase their morale at work, relationship and communication with each other. Team building activities could also be fantastic alternatives to melt the tension and are great ice breaking activities for new onboard employees.

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