4 Myths about Star Employees

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One study found that one star employee can outweigh 3 to 5 employees in terms of productivity and performance. That being said, they can help drive more and better output, thus helping boost the company’s bottom line. Efficiency and productivity is number priority for any business, so it comes as no surprise that more and more companies are on a race to bring in top performers to the team. 

If you want to work with high achievers, you should understand the common traits they share. Typically, star employees have common attributes such as excellent problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills, as well as greater intuition that helps them develop out-of-the-box train of thoughts. Additionally, star employees also understand the value of professional relationships.

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However, amongst the good, misunderstandings between people about star employees remain existing. Yes, it is true that top performers could drive better sales and give better performance, but some common misconceptions about them can drive them away from giving their best in your organisation. As losing top performers can cost you valuable team, you should understand these common myths and provide better perception about your star performers.  

They can be bold enough to express themselves

Having excellent leadership skills, star employees are often seen being assertive and extroverted. However, you cannot generalise it that way. They might be eager for advancement but might not be entirely comfortable discussing how to do so. For example, they are forward for promotion but do you think promotion is suitable for them? They are probably more confident in their current position. Therefore, you should use your best approach in understanding how your top performers do their job to release the best potential from them. 

They are always a reliable partner

Top employees possess greater experience than average employees. Yet, you don’t need to always give them the hardest tasks. They might want challenges but they also need to relax their mind at some stage. Thusly, the best advice is you sometimes need to think your best employees as average employees who are in progress.

They are always on a go-go work mode

Albeit top performers are good at performing their job and can be so productive, they are as equal as other employees that can be tired, burned out, and exhausted. So, you should not always expect them to give perfect result.  

They are considered as the know-it-all guy

Top performers commonly have knowledge and experience to generate high–quality work. Their knowledge and experience also what indicate them from top to average employees. However, they are also a learner and need guidance to self-development. You should understand that and provide enhanced training in order to retain them in your team.

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