4 Job Skills Employers Want Most From A HR Professional

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When hiring a HR professional, most employers would like to state great expectations from the candidate’s performance in the real world of work. Since the job role of a HR is  pivotal, to handle multiple roles within a company to include critical areas such as recruitment, staffing, performance monitoring and employee counseling, employers need to be extremely careful when making hiring decisions and trusting the onus of responsibilities on a HR professional.

While some companies, especially  the corporate ones would be pleased to offer greater remuneration to HR professionals, above average salary to boost their performance and productivity, to include additional allowances and insurance benefits as based on the company policy.

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Better the benefit appears, the greater demand would always follow. At the heart of an organization, the HR professional is expected to have some specific skills to function in the job role and derive optimal results. These include workforce engagement, reducing employee turnover and high productivity.

  • Recruiting and On boarding New Hires

Recruitment strategy, interviewing expertise, screening capabilities, and making the best hiring decision to attract the brightest talent on board are some of the key skills required by HR professionals.

A good hire would bring about more productivity and benefits to the company whereas a wrong one would lead to company’s loss in time and efforts, to question capabilities of the company HR.

While recruiting is just the beginning to get best talent to work for a company, successful on boarding of talent is the next toughest part. The new hires are keenly looking for  introduction to company policies, rules and regulation, and ways to adapt to the new company culture.

Therefore, guiding the new hires on how the organisation works and departments function, to get them comfortable with the organisational culture, specify clearly their expectation on job, is a must for the employees to feel welcomed and as an integral part of the team.

  • Social Media Literated

Social media is now affecting perceptions of workforce joining organisations and HR professionals have to keep a close watch on the Employer brand. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are social media platforms with active users from various age groups, occupations, hobbies, industries and interests.

These platforms are great resources to explore and an easy way to attract great talent through a company’s recruitment program.

  • Balanced Dual Focus

Clear focused job descriptions is one of the keys to attracting successful hire. In a position, the HR professional is expected to advise and consult on problem solving, performance monitoring and struggling for employee welfare to have more productive and engaged workforces.

On the other hand, the HR professional is required to meet top management’s expectation and goals. Therefore, multitasking capabilities and a balanced dual focus is required to pursue this job role.

  • Conflict management and problem solving

An individual might not always able to get along with others and this triggers either internal or external conflicts that need to be solved through HR intervention. Some of the more common and visible issues like colleagues conflict is not always easy to solve. Also family issues, financial problems, internal discomfort and lack of employee confidence are personal issues not easily evident to all in an organisation. Such problems require HR personnel to deal with it cautiously.

Pursuing a career as an HR professional is not always easy however, it is not impossible to tread the career path with relentless commitment and passion to excel. The skills required on job, not just come with knowledge but with some amount of experience. These will get you prepared to perform the role of not just HR in itself, but as business partners of the organisation in the longer run.

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