4 Effective Ways to Build Good Relationship with Coworkers

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How do you describe your relationship with your coworkers? Are you in a healthy relationship with smooth communication flow, or is it a rigid one instead? When you do not enjoy being at work while you actually have no problem with completing the tasks, you might want to recheck your relationship with your coworkers.

If you think that having a job means that you just have to show up at work every day, get your tasks done, and go home, then you are wrong. More than just finishing your work-related businesses, working in a company requires you to build and maintain a good relationship with your surroundings. It means that instead of being on your own all the time, there are times when you have to go out and socialise with your office mates.

Socialising with your colleagues is not only an effective way to create smooth and open communication among the team members, but also boost the productivity. When you have a good relationship with your workmates, you will feel contented and motivated when working at the office and this will eventually lead to improved performance and increased productivity.

However, building a healthy relationship with your coworkers might not be as easy as it sounds. As your team often consists of people with different and sometimes even conflicting characters, you have to work on finding the right way to handle and communicate with them. Here are some tips you can practice today to build good relationship with your coworkers:

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Observe their personalities

Knowing the basic characteristic of each your coworker is crucial because it will help you decide
what kind of approaches you should use when dealing with them. By doing so, you can behave and present yourself as they expected and minimise the risk of creating unwanted conflicts. Besides making direct communication with them by yourself, you can also observe how your coworkers interact with each other.

Mind the moment

Being a friendly people does not mean that you can talk to others all the time. You would be considered as an annoying person when you invite your coworker for a mild and trivial
conversation when he looks busy with his works. Even when it seems that they have some spare time, you need to pay attention to how they respond to you before continuing the conversation. It is not good to keep talking when they do not seem interested in your topic.

Avoid gossiping

You should be careful when someone come to you and spill a gossip involving one of your coworkers. When you hear a rumour, unless you have confirmed the matter with mentioned individuals, you
should never tell about it to someone else. If you hear a gossip from the third person, do not easily make a judgment because you have yet to know the truth. Instead of making the rumour bigger and create a conflict within the team, you should change the topic smoothly when someone starts gossiping about the others.

Connect through social media

Have you ever met someone who is very shy in person, but very talkative in social media? Then maybe that introvert friend of yours is the same. Sometimes, social media helps you make the first
move in order to get close to person who have reserved and closed personalities. For example, leaving simple and positive comments on their social media posts will open your way to further interact with them in the real life.

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