3 Reasons Company Outings are Important to Keep Employees Motivated

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In fast-paced business environment and stressed workplaces, employees are required to perform at their optimal levels of productivity, chase strict deadlines and accomplish stacks of regular duties every single day. Executing all of these tasks in timely manner need efforts, and brain is the central processing unit of employees, which need to work at lightning speeds.

Speaking about brain, we realize that it is indeed, a muscle with thousands of neurons and tiny nerves. Mental workouts and brain games will only strengthen mental power, but it’s also important to give the central processing organ adequate rest and allow it sufficient time to recover.

In other words, it is important to let your employees take a break sometime during their strict working hours and deadlines.

Company outings like nights out, lunches, coaching and buddy programs can prove to be sometimes expensive but they’re well worth the investment. A positive company culture that truly understands the employees’ both physical and mental needs, will result in highly engaged workforce to contribute to the company’s overall growth vision.

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Jenn Hyman, founder Rent the Runways says “We’ve found that team members often get their best ideas when they’re out of the office with time to breathe and have fun.”

As a HR manager, it is important to initiate some outings that fit to meet your employee demands, company culture and of course, budget. Here are 3 reasons why company outings are worth the investment:

Recharging of Creative Cells

Just like batteries, human needs to be recharged in terms of their creativity, motivation and positive energy. Team outing lets the brain relax and promotes creativity, collaboration and overall productivity.

Some companies might have costly employee outing plans such as visiting an island, or having fun with a karaoke session but some might prefer to have a barbeque party or have challenge off road motocross.

Whatever be the outing, adjust with your employees needs and interests, as this will result in more effective recharging of creative cells rather than force them to do activities that they don’t like.

Build Team Cohesion

Socializing in a casual way outside the working hours will effectively tighten your employee’s team cohesion. Such casual occasion frees up the employees to be just the way they are, there is no limitation to keep in touch with the colleagues.

An article from Mashable points out that hierarchy goes out of the window as these types of event. “Sometimes we need to let loose and not feel like we can’t say something to someone because they’re a superior. Outings facilitate conversations between people across various departments and throughout the company hierarchy”.

A company outing lets workers get to know each other better regardless of the position they hold in a company. This clearly creates a stronger team and boosts productivity to bring about overall benefit.

Increased Engagement and Profit

A RedBalloon/AltusQ report found that companies with high employee engagement levels are up to 10 times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower engagement.

Refreshing outings like company lunches and nights out had a great effect on employee engagement, as they will feel nurtured and belong to the organization.

If your recent company already holds regular outings, then optimize the activities to effectively create the team bonding and engagement. Whatever your outing activity, the main point is that all the employees could enjoy and pick up some valuable benefits to their working performance.

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