10 Unique Perks that Employees Value the Most at Work

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A study showcased an evidence related to the power of happiness at workplaces: the happier workforce, the more productive they are. Therefore, employers and HR professionals throughout the globe keep ideating and formulating on the best ways to maintain the employee’s’ happiness quotient and sustain the progress rate of productivity throughout.

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While companies cannot completely do away with the traditional employee morale boosting methods that are rather conventional such as pay raise and exploring remote working possibilities – there are many unique ways to keep employees happy and engaged. Here are 10 unique ideas that could possibly work in your organisational set-up to boost employee morale:

  1. Continuing education

Education is the best investment any employer could make to help talented employees pursue their career aspirations and grow successfully to reach top ranks. Unfortunately, such privileges are not always affordable for everyone except for those who work in companies such as Starbucks. Starbucks College Achievement Plan, as it is called, helped 70% American student workers (who work 20 hours or more per week) to pursue at Arizona State University’s Online Program with full tuition coverage.

  1. On-site health services

Medical doctors are not enough as Google adds some physical and massage therapists, even chiropractors to help serve the employees needs better and understand their health concerns. Seems like Google really cares about their employees’ well-being. Who would deny?

  1. Midday surfing

Having a fun surfing in the midday working? This is not impossible for Patagonia, a company selling outdoor clothing and equipments in sunny town California. More than surfing, this company provides volley ball courts, on-site yoga and bikes. Those are tremendously cool attempts to keep their employees fit, aren’t they?

  1. Game time

The San Fransisco Gaming Company, Zynga, has a cool way to spoil the employees. A relaxation lounge is perhaps not special, but what if it is featured with PS3, Nintendo, and XBox 360 gaming systems? Zynga knows well how to entertain its workforce.

  1. Freedom to travel and extra cash for it?

All those bitten by the travel bug, would be pleased to work at Epic Systems, as this company offers four week paid leave plus an extra cash for the employee and a friend in every five years, active working period.

  1. Snow days

Working and enjoying in snow and ski resort is such a bliss. Burton, located in Burlington, Vermont offered its employees to enjoy all the fun experiences during snow days!

  1. Student Loan Debt Reimbursement

This perk is truly valuable and should be implemented by most companies. PwC seems to be the only company who cares about student loan debt, as it knows and understands how a fresh graduate struggles to pay off the debt. Amazingly, this company offers $1,200 a year towards student loan debt.

  1. Volunteer hours

Employee engagement today is not only restricted to the working hours, but goes beyond to seek social engagement with co-workers, colleagues and managers at work. Employees with high morale and caring attitude contribute greatly at their jobs too. Therefore, The Goddard School, Jennifer Adams Worldwide and Synacor provide a paid time off and flexible work hours for the employees who engage in volunteer projects.

  1. Total wellness

Institute for Integrative Nutrition has a great idea in maintaining both the physical and mental health of its employees . A talented chef is ready to serve a healthy organic lunch for each employee, even breakfast and snack are also provided. This is undoubtedly a yummy approach to keep employees engaged at work and thus retain talent within the company.

  1. No official work hours

At Netflix, it is okay for the employees to have vacation days on a workday. As long as an employee can accomplish their tasks, this company doesn’t regulate strict working hours. The regular 9 to 5 is a myth for Netflix, as everyone could go home after finishing their tasks.

These ten unique perks are informative for organisations globally to provide you with a sneak peek on what the MNCs have in store, when employees get on board. While we do understand that not all of them can be implied successfully at your workplace, a vast of it depends on the size, structure and profits of your company.

However, you can get brainstorming and pick up the unique perks that you can possibly implement at your workplace. If these prove effective to improve employee engagement, then you should carry on with this initiative with few minor additions and tweaks to the program time and again.

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