10 Inexpensive Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

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Most employers realise that businesses cannot thrive and survive in a competitive era without enthusiastic passionate workforce, who are keen to grow along with the company and execute duties on time.

Highly-driven employees are able to excel in the workplace with peak productivity and this is not coincidental. Rather, employers and the top management have biggest influence in creating ideal workplaces where workforce across generations can thrive and perform optimally in a given setting.

HR managers and employers should work towards creating a workplace that encourages participation of employees in activities and recognises them for their accomplishments. While there are many expensive means suggested by experts to make employees feel appreciated for their contributions, the most affordable alternatives are less spoken about.

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Here are some of the cost-effective ways by which employers can boost employee morale through appreciation and recognition:

  1. Announce Employee of the Month

Employers could initiate regular announcement of employee of the month to build a healthy competitive workplace culture. This affordable way of appreciating employees leads them to excel in their job roles. Since the company notices the performing talent and really cares about their career advancement prospects, they feel valued and choose to stay with the company for long.

HR managers should selectively choose employees who are worth appreciation as an Employee of the Month, those who display rare qualities such as working extra hours to hold a project, successfully meeting strict deadlines, performing high quality of work and going the extra mile to execute tasks that are beyond their obligatory responsibilities.

  1. Celebrations at Work

Companies should encourage celebration of festivities, birthdays and hold special events to appreciate high performers, potential talent at work. This only shows that the employer is paying careful attention to employee happiness and values personal affiliations as much as the professional ones.

  1. Offer Flexibility

Companies should provide flexible working hours, and some leeway to employees in case of late arrival or earlier departure. This could be one of the great ways to appreciate employee’s success and great efforts. Room for flexible working allows employees to strike a better work-life balance, thus allowing them the time to break free, refresh and get back to work with a more energised outlook.

  1. Retreats, company outings and fun time outside work

Companies should have a vacation program to offer retreat, outings and other fun activities to engage the workforce and allow them time to look beyond work. This makes them feel appreciated and valued. Instead of employer’s deciding on a vacation destination, employees should be offered the privilege to decide on the place they would like to visit for a vacation, the time duration sought and routes to reach.

Employees should be encouraged to actively participate in planning the vacation or an outing, as they feel more respected, accepted for their opinions and appreciated at work.

  1. Coffee shop meeting

A coffee shop meeting might cost a certain budget for your organization. However, holding a meeting in a brand new setting, with joyful coffee aromas and relaxing spot will only make employees feel happy and motivated to join in the meeting.

Employers do know well how to spoil their employees, and this appreciation showcased is returned by employees through higher performance, greater accomplishments on job and willingness to take up more projects and responsibilities.

  1. Work-from-Home Days

One affordable way to appreciate top performers in a company is by providing flexible, work-from-home day benefits, especially for those who have successfully accomplished a project deadline and have been working for long hours in the office.

A work-from-home day benefit allows employees to spend more time with their families and strike effective work-life balance without compromising on the quality and productivity at work.

  1. More Frequent Praises and Thank You Notes

Praises and thank you notes are some zero-cost appreciative measures which can be communicated through emails, messengers and other chat applications to highlight success or accomplishments of an employee.

Appreciations and thank you notes elevate employees morale to make them feel valued, respected and recognised for their contributions. This also boost their confidence levels and self-esteem to drive productivity.

  1. Lunch with the Boss

Lunching with the boss could be one of those rare moments when an employer gets to connect with the great performer at work and celebrate their contributions through a delightful treat. Employers can make most of the time with an employee during lunch to understand their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, career plans for future etc.

Furthermore, effective face-to-face connect opportunity bridges the communication void between employers and employees to set a more appreciative tone for accelerated workings.

  1. Stock the pantry with yummy healthy snacks

Employers should showcase care towards employees by stocking the pantry with healthy snacks to much in between breaks and help employees stay away from hunger. Yummy treats and snacks makes employees stay away of the sleepiness, boredom and burnout experienced through continuous workings, while sustaining the productivity levels at all times.

  1. Invite Family Inclusion

Employers could invite families of employees to celebrate success of their top performers. This would result in increased motivation, reduced stress, elevated self-esteem and sense of pride in their workings. Since they are valued, respected and cared for their contributions. Inclusion of family gives a personal touch to the professional achievements.

Appreciation is a crucial thing in the workplace to boost employee engagement and productivity at work. Managers should note that it is not always money that can make employees feel valued and respected. Rather, a sincere, respectful appreciation could leave a greater impact and impression to boost overall performance, engagement and loyalty with the company.

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