Who Takes Care of the Human Resources Team?

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Who Takes Care of the Human Resources Team?
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2020 is proven hard for the human resources team to maintain, manage, and retain their talents due to massive exodus to the remote working arrangements. Jo Carlson, account manager at Pine Rest, said that many human resources professionals today are not only handling typical day-to-day responsibilities of HR, but also dealing with COVID-19 and all the challenges that come with it. Some changes and difficult decisions, such as identifying essential and non-essential employees, furloughs, layoffs, remote management, should be made. For some, it is helping employees navigate through unemployment claims in a system that was not meant for a few million to file a claim which is daunting, added Carlson. 

One question to ask: While HR professionals take care of their company, who takes care of them? 

During Carlson’s career as HR, she admitted that she has failed miserably at taking care of herself during times of chaos and confusion. Being a mom and career woman makes it more challenging, she added. Yet, she has learnt plenty from her experience, including how to feed her soul during times of chaos and how to rest and be more peaceful with herself as an HR professional.

“The number one person who can help you in times of crisis is you because oftentimes, crisis and challenges are needed to let your true potential out.”

Carlson advises that resilient HR leaders rise above the chaos and confusion and prioritise their work and home life challenges. Try to learn resilience and love your profession because in fact, as a human resources professional, you bring empathy, care and compassion to so many lives that is not far from being a nurse or doctor at the front line to fight the pandemic. 

“While the doctors’ battlefield is in the hospital, HR’s battlefield lies within their company.”

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