What It Takes to be a Human Resources Director

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What It Takes  to be a Human Resources Director
What It Takes to be a Human Resources Director

When you are falling in love with something, you will give your everything to get and achieve that thing. The same applies to the work-related matter as well. When you are in love with your role as a human resources professional, you will be willing to go the extra mile in order to be in the higher rank of HR position and finally becoming a human resources director. 

Job responsibilities 

HR director is responsible to ensure the balance of creating a good environment within the company. With today’s fast-paced and multigenerational organisations, HR directors are required to compete relentlessly for talent, embrace HR training and technology and boost employee engagement. HR director also ensures better talent management, training and development, as well as retainment and engagement. Therefore, as an HR director, here are the key responsibilities you will hold. 

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  • Enhancing recruitment, hiring, job satisfaction, and resultant retention of qualified employees. 
  • Boosting employee productivity, job performance, and professional development 
  • Creating well-managed teamwork, collaboration, and organisational culture
  • Managing organisation’s human resource department
  • Managing company-wide communication, employee relations, as well as resolving disputes 
  • Developing the organisation’s policies, culture, and documentation as well as ensuring employee compliance 
  • Integrating, developing, and implementing education, training, and development into an organisation and its team 
  • Supporting organisational renewal through training 
  • Facilitating the development of leadership skills and competencies 
  • Impacting the performance and productivity of a team by developing a corporate culture 
  • Managing employee wellbeing and performance through reward and incentive

Education, training, and other requirements  

HR director role requires at least a BA degree and several years of work experience in business or HR world. Here is the list of requirements you should possess. 

  • B.A. and/or higher degree in the human resources field or a similar field such as business management or finance 
  • Certification from HR institute, SHRM, or international public management association for HR
  • Years of experience as an HR professional or related field that deal with HR responsibilities 
  • Excellent and applicable interpersonal skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, organisation skills, public speaking and communication skills, as well as teamwork skills 

Job outlook and salary 

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, HR director jobs are expected to grow by 7 percent faster than average between 2018 and 2028. The median annual wage is US$113,300  with US$54.47 hourly salary. You will also get compensation, bonuses, and sharing profit depending on the company you are applying to. 

Start the journey

After you get the information required to be an HR director, all you need to do is pursuing the career. Remember that it is not a one-night achievement to be in a director position. Therefore, enjoy the following process. 

  1. Start getting experience by completing an internship within a company’s human resources department and continue the journey until you get the years of experience needed to be an HR director. Typically, the HR director position requires 5 years of HR experience and at least 5 years of management experience. If you want to get the best HR employer, go to this link
  2. Start getting the degree you need, at least B.A in human resources or related fields. Here is the link if you want to pursue university study and the link for obtaining HR scholarship.
  3. Obtaining more knowledge by doing online courses. You might want to visit here for recommended online and free courses in HR fields. 
  4. Get the certification of the HR field for better achievement. Certification will help you stand out among the crowds. Here are the best certification institutes you should try.
  5. Develop your skills. Soft and hard skills are crucially needed in the business world. However, as technology and automation start entering the workplace, you might want to focus on pursuing tech skills as well. You should also strengthen your communication skills because as an HR director you will deal with people a lot. Learning people characters and personality traits are the best way to stay connected with them. 

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