What Can You Gain from Working as an HR?

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What Can You Gain from Working as an HR?
What Can You Gain from Working as an HR?

Many believe that diving into the human resources industry is such a rewarding career but also comes with a lot of pressure and responsibilities. Sometimes, working as an HR officer requires one to always standby for immediate or urgent duties, thus making the profession looks like a 24/7 job. While you might have to bear all kinds of responsibilities, nevertheless, there are plenty you can gain from being an HR. Here are the four most significant ones. 

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You can build professional circles 

As an HR practitioner, you will be required to work closely with people from all walks of life. From the office boys to the CEO and other professionals, you have to maintain a good relationship with everyone. This is a great advantage for you because when you are surrounded by professionals, you can gain new knowledge and learn new skills from them. This professional circle will help you become an expert eventually.  

“Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire, and ambition. They will help you push for, and realise your own.” – Ankush Nagpal 

You can be a better problem solver 

HR is an evolving science and art department. Working in the HR department gives you access to new challenges and opportunities which will shape you to be a better problem solver. Having great problem-solving skills can make it easier for you to complete tasks and duties. Your problem-solving ability and mindsets also help you make the impossible, possible. 

You get to know people better 

HR is a competitive career to pursue because you are not only responsible for working for an organisation but also serving the employees who work there. As a matter of fact, HR is not merely about knowing people but more about understanding their characters and behaviours. This means that being in an HR position will help you gain a better understanding of people around you – or in other words, you are able to read people. 

You are faced with great pressure, but it is a good one 

Everyone knows that there is no typical day in HR. You will likely have to deal with various things in your organisation, including hiring and firing employees, layoffs, employee relations issues, budgetary constraints, disgruntled employees, benefit questions, country laws, workforce commission, payroll, and other managerial issues. All these matters might sound like so much pressure, however, it is good to be pressured. According to Arthur Dobrin, the pressure at work or in life is effective in producing social conformity. It is the pressure that helps you change the perception of reality, making you feel satisfied and happy in life. 

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