Types & Reasons Why Employee Transfer is Needed

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“Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.”

– Zig Ziglar

Employee appreciation can be given in many forms. Among them is letting your employees experience working in every department within your organisation. In other words, you can offer workers an opportunity for department transfer to facilitate professional growth. Susan Heathfield, management and organisation development consultant, described employee transfer as a development career path for workers. It provides experience in other areas of an employee’s current department or new department within a business.

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“A work transfer is a way to help an employee gain wider and broader experience within the business,” said Heathfield. This opportunity is more often available in employee transition than promotion. For example, in promotion fewer employees possess successive layer. They just cannot match with transferred position. Nonetheless, in employee transfer, they are growing as they learn in a new position. And if they fail and are not suitable for transition, they can be transferred to another department, job, or location easily. While in promotion, it will be hard to do so because a promoted employee is already chosen by the higher-ups.

Moreover, providing employee transfer will also benefit employees in terms of job enrichment, overall development, motivation, organisational interest for an employee, eligibility to access every role in a company, and so forth. Career transition is also seen as beneficial for the company in terms of performance, retention, and profit. As mentioned in a survey, non-financial motivators are very important for employees to have. Majority (87 percent) respondents cited that non-financial perks in career growth are crucial. They are likely to stay in a job and will accept a job offer if your organisation offers career growth.

Further, Business Jargon cited that the transfer you provide can be temporary or permanent according to employee progress. It can also be initiated by an employee or employer. For instance, the transferred staff feel that X department is suitable for her career interest. Thus, she can ask the manager or employer to permanently moved her to that department.

“More employees are having a hard day to stay positive and motivated at work. So, as a good manager, you should find a satisfactory way to challenge and increase motivation. And it can be found in the employee transfer program.”

– HRinAsia

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