The Most Attractive Companies Across Asia in 2019: Randstad Awards

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The Most Attractive Companies Across Asia in 2019: Randstad Awards
The Most Attractive Companies Across Asia in 2019: Randstad Awards

Attractive companies are a favourite place of individuals to work because they have a commitment to enforcing solid employee relations and embracing the core values. If you are among those who seek value and good welfare, these companies would suit you best. The following companies are Asian’s most attractive place to work according to Randstad research. The Randstad Employer Brand Research dives into what people find attractive when choosing an employer. The survey is independent and gives every individual a peek into the hearts and minds of employees and employers alike. 

Without more ado, here are Asian’s most attractive companies to work for in the upcoming years.

1st – Qantas Airways 

Qantas is Australia’s flag carrier that has the largest airline by fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. There are approximately 25,000 employees working here. The iconic Australian airline has been recognised for its high-flying job perks, including travel benefits for its globetrotting employees working in the exciting field of aviation, alongside its perceived adoption of tech and consistent financial performance. 

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2nd – Epworth Foundation 
3rd – Apple 


1st – Amazon 

Amazon India, the e-commerce giant, is India’s most attractive employer brand that has the most comprehensive, independent, and in-depth employer brand research in the world. The company also scored high on financial health, utilisation of the latest technologies, and has a strong reputation. 

2nd – Microsoft 
3rd – Sony


1st – Suntory Holdings Ltd. 

Operating for 120 years, Suntory ranks first as the most attractive place to work as per Randstad survey. The company always supports the working spirit of its employees and has a friendly atmosphere. Suntory is also an internationally recognised company that has ambition, is resourceful and people-oriented. 

2nd – Ajinomoto Inc.
3rd – Toyota Motor Corporation


Hong Kong 
1st – CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 

CLP Power has once again voted as Hong Kong’s Most Attractive Employer by Randstad after winning the award three times in six years. The company embraces a ‘Care for People’ philosophy, striving to promote holistic employee development through a comprehensive human resources strategy, and attracting diverse and flexible professionals to achieve sustainable development. 

2nd – The Hong Kong and China Gas Company (Towngas) 
3rd – Swire Properties 


1st – Singapore Airlines 

This is the fourth time Singapore Airlines won Randstad’s Most Attractive Company awards. With more than 14,000 employees, Singapore Airlines includes many airline-related subsidiaries. Aside from being the most attractive to work, the company also forms a sustainable plan for the environment and community which includes arts, education, and sports. 

2nd –  Changi Airport Group 
3rd – Marina Bay Sands  


1st – Huawei 

Huawei is a Chinese multinational tech company that provides telecommunications equipment and sells consumer electronics. The headquarter is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with more than 190,000 employees. Huawei does not only bring the great culture outside by becoming customer-centric, but it also has open collaboration with ecosystem partners. 

2nd – Alibaba Group 
3rd – Tencent 

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