The Most and the Least Stressful Jobs: CareerCast Survey

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Most people believe that their jobs are stressful. In fact, stress at work is unavoidable and cannot be removed entirely from work-life. However, stress can be controlled and minimised. To control stress at work, it depends on the career that you choose. In this article, HR in Asia discussed the most and least stressful jobs. Does your job appear in the list?

A majority (78 percent) of CareerCast survey respondents cited that they feel unduly stressed at work, rating their job’s stress level at a seven or higher on a 10-point scale. After evaluating 200 occupations on 11 different factors, CareerCast found that the biggest factors of stress were hard deadlines as well as growth potential and interacting with the public. That said, jobs that place you in harmful and tough situations like soldier or fire-fighter are rated to be the most stressful job. Meanwhile, occupations with the least potential for death or physical demands are considered as the least stressful job.

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The MOST stressful occupations

1. Military personnel

Working in military sector can both affect your mental and physical conditions. Yet, it is a promising job as it gives a median salary of US$26,802 per year. However, the stress level can rate up to 72.58.

2. Fire-fighter

The overall stress rating is 72.38/100 with a median salary of US$49,080 yearly. If you are interested in saving someone else’s life despite risking your life, you might have a chance to land the job as the career is projected to grow 7 percent through 2026.

3. Airline Pilot

Responsible for ensuring passenger’s lives while flying in the air, being a pilot is a stressful occupation with stress rating up to 61.20/100. The job is projected to grow 4 percent in 2026 and the median salary is US$111,930 per year.

4. Police officer

The median salary of a police officer US$62,960 annually with job growth 7 percent. Stress rating is lower than being an airline pilot with 51.94/100.

5. Broadcaster

Survey respondents cited that broadcaster is one of the most stressful jobs because you might have to deal with danger when reporting certain news. The stress rating is over 50/100 and the median salary is US$62,910.

6. Event coordinator

Dealing with clients every day, planning an event with a certain demand can be daunting sometimes. In fact, it is rated to be the most stressful job by CareerCast with stress rating of 51.19/100. The annual median salary is US$48,290 and projected job growth through 2026 is 11 percent.

7. News reporter

Being able to deliver the fact is not easy. You need to listen carefully and deliver the facts through your writing without altering anything. The stress rating of a news reporter is 49.69/100 with a median salary of US$43,490.

8. Public relations executive

Promoting, managing, and maintaining the public’s view of a person, organisation, or service is challenging. With a tight deadline, no wonder it is rated as the eighth most stressful jobs. Yet, the median salary equals to your hard work with US$111,280 annually. You might also get bonuses and other compensations.

9. Senior corporate executive

The median salary of senior corporate executive is US$104,700 annually and the job is projected to grow 8 percent through 2026. But the CareerCast respondents cited the job to be 48,97 /100 stressful career ever.

10. Taxi driver

You might not believe that being a taxi driver is considered to be the top ten most stressful job. You need to deal with different kinds of passengers each time while having to meet a deadline to deposit money to the manager. According to CareerCast, the stress rate of a taxi driver is 48.17 with only US$25,980 earnings annually.

The LEAST stressful occupations

1. Diagnostic medical sonographer

Medical sonographer’s responsibility is to create images of the body’s organs and tissues which are known as sonograms or ultrasounds. To pursue this job, you need to have skills such as good hand-eye coordination, understand technical equipment, good interpersonal skills, and healthy physical stamina. The annual median salary is US$71,410 with job growth is 23 percent through 2026.

2. Compliance officer

Being a compliance officer, you are required to ensure company and employees comply with laws, rules, and regulations. A higher degree to this occupation is highly recommended. And you need to understand laws and regulations in the industry. The annual median salary is US$67,870.

3. Hair Stylist

If you love arts and helping people look beautiful or handsome, try this job. Hairstylist is the least stressful job with an annual median salary of US$25,850.

4. Audiologist

Specialising in the ear, being an audiologist is a promising and placid job with a median salary of US$75,920 yearly. The responsibilities include diagnose and treat patient’s hearing issues, balance or other related problems like tinnitus.

5. University professor

Albeit university professor requires to deal with various people, it is considered as the least stressful job by CareerCast. Teaching college and graduate students will be your main responsibility. You also need to conduct research and publish scholarly papers and books as a university professor. Your annual median salary will be US$76,000.

6. Operations research analyst

The job requires you to be advance in mathematical and analytical method to help a business solve problems. The annual salary is US$81,390 and the job is projected to grow 27 percent through 2026.

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