The List of Average Salary of HR Job Roles in INDONESIA

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The List of Average Salary of HR Job Roles in INDONESIA
The List of Average Salary of HR Job Roles in INDONESIA

According to World Bank research, Indonesia’s economy is the largest in Southeast Asia and is one of the biggest economies in the world. With a population estimated at 270mil people, Indonesia has a great number of human resources that makes working in Indonesia as an HR professional can be both exciting and challenging. Not only can you explore the rich culture and natural resources, but the living cost here is also much cheaper than any neighbouring countries like Singapore or Malaysia.  

Are you interested? If yes, HR in Asia have compiled an alphabetical list of the wage of HR roles in Indonesia. 

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Note: All the average annual salary rating is measured from Payscale. The wage can be lower or higher depending on your current education, location, and year of experience. And all the information below does not include total overtime pay and other benefits such as healthcare or childcare benefits. 

Human Management Consultant 

Description: Management consultants help a company improve aspects of business, such as productivity, management, and company image. Management consultants require to identify current problems, potential risks, and help companies to overcome them. 

  • Average salary: IDR263,000,000 with a range between IDR180,000,000 – IDR610,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR40,000,000 with a range between IDR0 – IDR40,000,000
Human Resources Administrator  

Description: HR administrator is the first point of contact for all HR-related inquiries. Specific tasks include handling employment contracts, recruiting, setting up interviews, and other HR administrations. 

  • Average salary: IDR76,125,949 with a range between IDR50,000,000 – IDR142,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR9,000,000 with a range between IDR0 – IDR9,000,000
Human Resources Business Partner  

Description: HRBP has the same responsibility to those of HR manager but places more focus on strategic business objectives. They are also responsible for solving complex personnel issues and assessing and developing HR strategies and processes. 

  • Average salary: IDR448,081,643 with a range between IDR342,000,000 – IDR553,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR50,000,000 with a range between IDR36,000,000 – IDR53,000,000
Human Resources Generalist 

Description: HR generalists help managers make decisions related to HR, such as maintaining good relationships with employees and hiring new talent. HR generalist will often help upper management determine strategies for hiring quality personnel. They also administer HR duties like payroll, benefits, and training. 

  • Average yearly salary: IDR99,000,000 with a range between IDR0 – IDR99,000,000
  • Average bonus: –
Human Resources Manager 

Description: HR managers oversee policies, procedures, and compliance relating to employees for their organisation. They also ensure HR activities are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws, as well as implement programs related to benefits and initiatives. 

  • Average salary: IDR260,000,000 with a range between IDR22,000,000 – IDR551,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR42,000,000 with a range between IDR10,000,000 – IDR78,000,000
Human Resources Officer

Description: HR officers help an organisation develop, improve, and implement policies related to employees. They make sure that employees are properly trained for their role and possessing the skills needed for the job. HR officers are also responsible to oversee conditions of employment, diversity, accessibility, negotiations with external agencies, pay, and recruitment. 

  • Average salary: IDR78,000,000 with a range between IDR8,000,000 – IDR176,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR7,500,000 with a range between IDR0 – IDR8,000,000
Human Resources Specialist 

Description: HR specialists are responsible for various tasks within the HR department. HR specialist works under HR managers and focuses on a specific task such as payroll, benefits, training, compensation, recruiting, and customer service for employees. 

  • Average salary: IDR180,000,000 with a range between IDR105,000,000 – IDR240,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR16,827,576 with a range between IDR0 – IDR17,000,000
Senior Human Resources Manager 

Description: Senior HR managers is someone that needs great communication skills, problem-solving skills, and the capacity to manage the relationship between employees and clients. The job will often require a manager to work with different business firms. The position also requires a strong level of professionalism. 

  • Average salary: IDR392,000,000 with a range between IDR352,000,000 – IDR741,000,000
  • Average bonus: IDR47,500,000 with a range between IDR0 – IDR48,000,000

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