The Best Volunteering Platforms Your Company can Collaborate with

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The Best Volunteering Platforms Your Company can Collaborate with
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Volunteering programs in corporations are expected to undergo unprecedented growth and change, mainly driven by a blend of economic, technological, and policy factors, Accenture reported. The program itself offers various benefits to both employers and employees, thus organisations are competitively making this initiative available in their organisation. Some of the advantages of having volunteering programs within a company are: 

  • It helps instil company values
  • It helps attract and retain employees 
  • It generates an efficient team building 
  • It helps improve company’s brand 
  • It creates better collaboration between employees

The power of volunteering is abundant. According to Accenture, UK companies have implemented volunteering programs in their company and see a powerful result. The program helps bring positive impacts to the society. The office of national statistics calculated the economic value of volunteering to be approximately US$31,5 billion per year, accounting for 1.5 percent of the UK’s GDP. 

In today’s business competition, clients and employees are more aware of the impact organisations make on society and communities. This drives customers and top talents to engage with firms that care. Ongoing, visible efforts to support the community and help others go a long way with today’s socially conscious customers and employees. The better employers can provide for their society and community, the better they can attract and retain talents and customers. 

What makes a successful company volunteer program? 

Some key features of successful corporate volunteer programs are: 

  • They have inclusive volunteering programs that work best when they provide opportunities for all employees to participate regardless of schedule, skill level, or physical ability. 
  • They focus on employee skills while developing the program. While employees can be satisfied helping those in need, employees often are more rewarded when they use their specific skill set to help others. For example, a bank initiative to raise financial literacy or a law firm providing free legal advice. 
  • The program is impactful and ongoing. To keep employees engaged, they need to see the impact of their efforts. Therefore, having an ongoing volunteering program helps them realise their vision and mission. It also helps when the programs collaborate with the same people or organisation for an expected period of time. This allows employees to build relationships and can make their work more fulfilling. 

In short, to be successful in a company’s volunteering program, employers must be structured to reflect the values and culture of their company and its employees. When it does, employees will likely buy into the programs and everyone can reap the rewards. 

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Best corporate volunteering platforms your company can collaborate with 

Creating an effective and ongoing program might not be easy; unless you have a dedicated team to arrange the program. Therefore, we provide you with a list of the best corporate volunteering platforms to equip your organisations with the tools to organise, manage, and administer volunteer initiatives. Collaborating with a volunteering management organisation helps increase your success and employee engagement in each volunteering mission. 

Without further ado, here are our best pick volunteering platforms: 


Alaya is one of corporate volunteering platforms that empowers companies to build a purpose-driven culture and engage employees to make an impact. Alaya enables experiences that bring out the human side of work, so that companies and their employees can do good and measure their actions every day. Alaya’s features include reporting, performance, dashboard, alerts and notifications. 


Benevity is a global leader in corporate purpose software powering corporate social responsibility and employee engagement programs in over 20 languages. Benevity has processed more than 7 billion dollars in donations and 38 million hours of volunteering time. Some benefits offered by Benevity are giving and matching, volunteering, granting, and positive actions. 


CSRconnect platform is a fully hosted and managed solution used to engage employees in volunteering, giving, and sustainability initiatives. CSRconnect has supported over 4.2 million employees in 160+ countries at more than 140 Fortune 1000 companies. 

Millie Giving 

Millie Giving is a platform designed to make charitable giving and volunteering fun, accessible, and impactful. Millie’s mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to start and grow social impact programs. The platform offers a personalised experience that helps companies build a culture of giving back, amplifying the impact on their employees, customers, and bottom line. 


Deedmob offers strategic support and develops web solutions for company volunteering programmes. Deedmob’s team works in partnership with social organisations, local governments, and multinational companies to create the optimal online environment. The team also helps companies facilitate their employee’s engagement in volunteering programmes. 

Bright Funds 

Bright Funds supports employers of all sizes, helping them deliver on their employee engagement, social impact, and philanthropy mission. Bright Funds also use automatic matching and disbursements of donations and all-in-one platform for employee donations and volunteering. It has donated to over 1.8 million fully vetted global nonprofits. 


Goodera volunteering platform helps deliver engaging and impactful volunteering to your employees and teams. Be it volunteering experiences inventory, registration and employee communication, or metrics and reports, Goodera has built flexible tech to manage your entire giving ecosystems. 

Project Helping 

Project helping organises volunteer events specifically designed to make an impact – both on company and community. Through volunteering, participants can actively invest in their communities while reaping the benefits of increased mental wellness. 


WeSpire operates and provides leading companies around the globe with a technology platform to design, run, and measure the impact of their employee engagement initiatives. Employees are inspired to participate in sustainability, social impact and giving, wellbeing and positive workplace culture programs that improve business performance. 

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