Step-by-step Guide To Be The Next CHRO

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Do you want to be in the top leadership of the human resource department but don’t know what it takes to be a chief human resource officer (CHRO)? Stay in the line, because we will help you become the leader you dream to be. Yet, before revealing you the steps, let’s understand the real role of the CHRO first.

The importance of CHRO

A study on executive monitor revealed that CHRO is a key driver to ensure the right strategic environment to maximise talent motivation. In the current hiring and economic environment, CHRO is a central and indispensable player. As human element becomes the biggest factor for a company to thrive, HR is becoming an essential driver of business success. Having them in a team can differentiate companies in terms of attracting and retaining talents on board.

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“The war of talent will continue to intensify, and CHROs are the only key driver to ensure the right strategic environment to maximise talent motivation.” – Jörg Kasten, Boyden’s chairman and managing partner

The challenges of becoming the CHRO

Unfortunately, CHRO is still in a low ranking of the most important roles in a company. As high as 39 percent among Fortune 100, the number of CHROs are declining due to lack of proving abilities to maintain employment and workplace culture to higher C-suite, CEO. Executive monitor research cited that CEOs believe human resource officers do perform well in their specific functions, however, there are concerns that they do not understand the broader business workings and wider company objectives.

Further, there is more criticism to CHRO saying that they are still preoccupied with processes and rules. Most of CHROs still have the mindset of working in their specific functions, thus, resulting in not being viewed as a strategic partner who is able to contribute to the overall company vision and direction. This concludes that before stepping to the door of CHRO, you need to clearly understand the key responsibilities and requirements of becoming one.

Key responsibilities and requirements to be CHRO

CHRO’s responsibility is not really different from being HR executives but you need to clearly keep your eyes peeled about the inside and outside of the organisation’s system. At the same time, CHROs also need to function as a business leader who possesses an entrepreneurial mindset and ability to operate a handful of technology in order to keep business on top. More than just the core responsibility of human resource executive, being a chief human resource officer will need to ensure everything aligns with business goals, mission, and objectives.

Moreover, if you really dream to be among C-suite level as CHRO, you need to have these key requirements.

  • Work experience as a chief HR officer, VP of HR or similar role,
  • Experience in strategic planning,
  • In-depth knowledge of HR functions,
  • Experience with HR software,
  • Good understanding of labour legislation and laws,
  • Excellent leadership abilities,
  • Communication and problem-solving skills, and
  • Certification and a university degree in HRM, organisational psychology or a related field.

Additional tips to become CHRO

To be a qualified and CHRO of choice, you need to understand the corporate culture – as it is often overlooked yet the most essential part of company success. You might also want to befriend with HR-friendly CEO who can help build you professional insight.

The HR e-book series published in HRCI revealed that CEOs want a true business partner with whom they can candidly and completely talk about talent, succession, compensation, change management, and corporate culture. They also want somebody they can trust who will tell the truth, although it is not what the CEO always want to hear. In addition, you should continuously upskill and reskill your expertise and gaining proof of your HR skills. Obtaining certification in HR field will be so much of a help.

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