Long Weekend is OVER! How to be Productive AGAIN

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Long Weekend is OVER! How to be Productive AGAIN
Long Weekend is OVER! How to be Productive AGAIN

Did you have an awesome weekend during Christmas and New Year? Glad to hear that! Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to get back to the reality – and maybe that includes going back to that mounting tasks. Are you ready? 

Showing up at work after a long weekend could be the hardest thing to do. Afterall, there might be a couple of Netflix series you haven’t finished, some places you haven’t visited, or you simply want to get up later than usual. No wonder, getting yourself ready to be back at work with its series of tasks could a real struggle. So what’s the best way to shoo away the holiday blues and get back to your productive self? 

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Worry no more. HR in Asia has saved some tips for you to get started again after a dreamy weekend. Here we go! 

Get everything prepared the night before 

It could be hard to say goodbye to the slow schedule during the holiday, but it should be done if you want to be more productive than ever. Therefore, the first tip is to prepare everything before you step into the office door once again, including your mind, body, mental, and work schedule. How to achieve readiness in all of these? 

  1. Let the last day of your holiday become the preparation day 
  2. Organise everything you need in the morning before coming back to the office such as the clothes, gadgets, or to-do lists
  3. Pay close attention to your diet such as do not consume a high dose of caffeine so you can have a productive sleep
  4. Give yourself space before going to sleep to bounce back every little thing you need for tomorrow. You can do this by meditating in a dark and quiet place.
  5. Make sure you have enough sleep at night. Leave Netflix drama-binging or surfing the internet. Don’t forget to turn off the light, as research cited that sleep in the dark affects our sleep quality and makes it better. 
Arrive early if possible 

For the first few days after a long vacation, it is advisable to arrive early at the workplace. You can use the early 20 or 10 minutes every day to refresh your productive self and to finish any outstanding tasks that you left for the holiday. You can also use the time to re-adapting the workplace environment if you do not have any tasks left. Or, simply say thanks to your colleagues for the helpful hands during your absence from the office. 

Do not start with email, you can start with your workspace 

Reading an inbox full of requests and tasks could be a downturn for your mood on the first day at work, so it would be best to avoid that. Avoid any possible thing that could drain your energy fast in the morning. Instead, you can focus on your workspace. Clean up your desk, make a coffee or tea, walk around the office garden, then start the to-do list. These steps will help you be more productive way faster. 

Appreciate the day 

Roy Bennett once said, “Being grateful does not mean that everything is necessarily good. It just means that you can accept it as a gift.” 

Psychologists said gratefulness in life can improve the quality of each day. It does increase satisfaction, motivation, energy, as well as reduce stress and sadness. Being grateful and appreciating each day in life can help you more engaged with the environment you are living now, leaning to greater personal growth and self-acceptance, a stronger feeling of purpose, meaning, and specialness. You need it – not only today after the long holiday but every single day.

Check-in with your team 

After being away from the office for some time, it is crucial for you to reach out to your coworkers so you know what you have been missing during your time off. You can do a short discussion and make sure you catch up on every important news and updates to help you prepare for the following days. 

Get enough supply and do not burn out 

Lastly, make sure you pay attention to your own health. After a long vacation, you might easily get burnt out. Thus, drink enough water, eat enough healthy food, enough rest during the day (you can implement Pomodoro technique here), or walk enough to help your brain stay creative.

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