List of Average Salary of HR Job Roles in SINGAPORE

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HR department and HR management take care of everything that ensures company growth from recruiting issues to internal employment issues such as employee complaints, management problems, or labour law discrimination. With all of these responsibilities, HRD and HRM are divided into different roles such as an HR generalist, HR officer, HR recruiter, and more. Specific HR roles will handle specific business operation and receive a different wage from each other. 

If you are working in the HR industry and eager to know how much you are worth, here’s the list from the Least to Most paying HR roles in Singapore. 

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Note: All the average yearly wage rating is taken from Payscale. Your wage can be lower or higher depending on education, location, and year of experience. 

Human Resources Officer 

Description: HR officer helps an organisation develop, improve, and implement policies related to employees. 

  • Average salary: S$32,490 with a range between S$5,000 – S$68,000
  • Hourly salary: S$10.00 
  • Average bonus: S$4,633 with a range between S$1,949 – S$10,101
  • Average profit sharing: –
Human Resources Recruiter

Description: HR recruiter is responsible for an organisation’s recruiting process from beginning to end. HR recruiter is also responsible for advertising, posting job requisitions, qualifying and interviewing applicants, and filling out all employment paperwork. 

  • Average salary: S$34,200 
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: –
  • Average profit sharing: –
Human Resources Generalist  

Description: HR Generalist helps managers make decisions relating to HR work such as maintaining good relationships with employees and hiring new talent. 

  • Average salary: S$37,390 with a range between S$4,000 – S$63,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$4,578 with a range between S$3,000 – S$15,000
  • Average profit sharing: S$2,838 with a range between S$0 – S$3,000
Senior Human Resources Generalist 

Description: Same as an HR generalist, but your responsibility will include more facets such as maintaining a steady flow of information and help between all workers. 

  • Average salary: S$48,190 with a range between S$37,000 – S$67,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$6,894 with a range between S$3,000 – S$15,000
  • Average profit sharing: –
Human Resources Specialist 

Description: HR specialist is responsible for various tasks within HR department that focus on specific tasks or roles such as payroll, benefits, training, compensation, recruiting, and customer care for employees. 

  • Average salary: S$49,565 with a range between S$,000 – S$68,000
  • Hourly salary: S$15.00 
  • Average bonus: S$4,736 with a range between S$2,027 – S$9,863
  • Average profit sharing: S$960 with a range between S$0 – S$960
Assistant Human Resources Manager  

Description: HR assistance supports HR manager with various tasks in the HR department from recruiting to updating policies and procedures. 

  • Average salary: S$49,999 with a range between S$5,000 – S$68,000
  • Hourly salary: S$12.26 
  • Average bonus: S$7,000 with a range between S$2,000 – S$20,176
  • Average profit sharing: S$13,250 with a range between S$17,768 – S$82,496 
Human Resources Business Partner 

Description: HR business partner has the average responsibility as HR manager. However, HR business partner will focus more on strategic business objectives. 

  • Average salary: S$70,905 with a range between S$42,000 – S$118,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$9,812 with a range between S$3,000 – S$21,000
  • Average profit sharing: S$300 with a range between S$0 – S$300
Human Resources Manager

Description: HR manager oversees policies, procedures, and compliance relating to employees for an organisation.

  • Average salary: S$73,135 with a range between S$33,000 – S$121,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$9,972 with a range between S$4,000 – S$28,000
  • Average profit sharing: S$2,750 with a range between S$0 – S$39,000
Human Resources Consultant  

Description: HR consultant is hired to improve relationships between business and employees, increase retention, and grow overall staff satisfaction. 

  • Average salary: S$86,511 with a range between S$5,000 – S$68,000
  • Hourly salary: S$104,76 
  • Average bonus: S$9,500 with a range between S$2,013 – S$35,745
  • Average profit sharing: – 
Senior Human Resources Manager 

Description: Senior HR manager needs to have great communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to manage relationships between employees and clients. You will also need a strong level of professionalism and the ability to communicate with other members of a corporate structure. 

  • Average salary: S$102,798 with a range between S$41,000 – S$160,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$13,257 with a range between S$4,000 – S$36,000
  • Average profit sharing: S$9,826 with a range between S$4,000 – S$15,000 
Human Resources Director  

Description: HR director may have many different roles and responsibilities in many different organisations. The responsibilities can cover every employment act compliance and dealing with day-to-day problems and complaints from employees, employee benefits, payroll, and other paperwork. 

  • Average salary: S$176,499 with a range between S$70,000 – S$279,000
  • Hourly salary: –
  • Average bonus: S$29,661 with a range between S$9,000 – S$65,000
  • Average profit sharing: S$18,000 with a range between S$8,000 – S$44,000

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