Is SEO Enough to Bring Success for Business?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most popular tool most marketers rely on when it comes to generating more user traffic to their websites. Webopedia describes SEO as methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase amount of visitors to websites by obtaining high-ranking placement in search result page. This  technique is commonly used by most online marketers to demonstrate their products and services through their websites.

Sam Hollingsworth at SEJ mentioned some other reasons why marketers love SEO.

  • SEO can improve organic search which is primary source of website traffic
  • SEO can build trust and credibility of your company and brand
  • Having good SEO means getting better user experience
  • Having local SEO can increase engagement, traffic, and conversion
  • SEO impacts buying cycle
  • SEO is relatively cheap and free
  • SEO can be a long-term strategy to increase your company brand
  • SEO is quantifiable as you can measure almost anything with proper tracking and analytics

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However, these benefits SEO bring to organisation is not enough to boost profit. Adarsh Sojitra, founder at ServerAvatar, in a discussion stated that although SEO can be an unpaid advertisement, it is not enough to make your business successful. With SEO you have to make some efforts in making content on your sites. Additionally, the process of content-making needs a lot of research on the internet to make your page stand out. Thus, without good knowledge in SEO and content writing, it will be hard for you to optimise SEO strategy.

Bhupinder Singh in the same discussion agreed that SEO is just a tool to increase traffic in website. Yet, it is not enough for conversion of your visitors to be your product consumers. For example, if you have poor web design or technical error which frequently occur in your page, visitors will not likely click your web again. Thus, it will result in poor conversion rate.

As each business is different from one and another, you cannot rely on SEO alone. For example, if your business is about selling product, SEO will not help much because SEO only guarantee you for visitor traffic and not conversion. Unlike product company, service company will invest more in SEO as it can gain traffic in their web and will generate more phone calls for service they provide. According to Alex Membrillo at Cardinal, SEO helps much when you run a service business. SEO campaigns in service can ensure that consumers see you first, which gives you best opportunity to create customer for life.

To conclude, although SEO brings many benefits for organisation, you should first understand your business before choosing which marketing strategy you should rely more. Moreover, just like SEO, other marketing strategies such as press advertising, radio, business card, email marketing will help you do better in business marketing campaign.

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