How to Stay Focus at Work on Hot Summer Days

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Summer is calling. Beaches are waiting. But the deadline is screaming louder.

Some people might find that summer is quite challenging time to work and focus on tasks given to them. The hot weather and burning sun are among core challenges of being at work during summer. Although you are working in an air-conditioned room, there are good chances that your heart and mind go somewhere else such as beach or pool. No wonder, summer makes it harder for employees to concentrate.

According to a survey in the Guardian, during summer season, people are prone to give their attention somewhere else. This attention disruption will be hard for employees to refocus on their tasks as small distraction results to lost focus in employees. The survey showed that it took individuals about 23 minutes to refocus on a task once interrupted, which means that there will be lost productivity.  It will also be hard to get back to your task once interrupted unless you are committed to your work 110 percent during hot summers.

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Say goodbye to hurdle and summer stress, here are some tips to help you re-focus on your tasks during summer work you can apply.

Ask/apply summer Friday on summer season

When your company applies four working day, it will not be a problem as you can spend more time on vacation. However, if you are working in a 9-5 job for five days a week, you can ask for a summer Friday. Gartner study showed that many companies offered summer Fridays last year to their employees. The program increased a chance for improved productivity and performance during summer so you can make Summer Friday as an additional perk.

According to the study, there are many ways you can apply your summer Friday hours. Yet, the schedule should be based on your company’s policy.

Take your  work to somewhere new

Your responsibility is to get the job done. However, if permitted by the company, the place where you finish your task can be flexible. In this summer season, you can bring your job to a fresher place. We do not recommend beach as it will be a crowded place on summer and will disturb you instead. That being said, you should choose the right location to get your work done early so you can enjoy the rest of summer greatly.

Besides, if you are living in the city and away from serenity, you can use augmented reality to help you work on your project while enjoying the green scenery outside. A simple kind of change can give huge impact on your mood and motivation.

Don’t spend your much attention on work, do the “if-then planning

Working on long hours is tiring, especially on summer day. However, you cannot just run away from your responsibility. Therefore, try different approach. Heidi Grant suggested the “in-the planning” mode. This mode allows you to choose when or where you will do something, and stick to it. For example, if this is 4 pm, then I will stop what I am doing right now and start work on next project Alex gave me.

This mode is just like planning your time to be more productive. Grant said that if-then plans can dramatically reduce demands placed on your willpower. By ensuring you have made right decision of critical moment, you will me more motivated and productive. “In fact, if-then planning has been shown in over 200 studies to increase rates of goal attainment and productivity by 200 percent – 300 percent on average,” added Grant.

Practice your resilient mode

Lastly, you should practice your resilient mode. Having resilience will give you satisfaction and happiness over stressful tasks during summer. You can build up your resilience by giving a positive energy towards your job, adapting emotional insight, balancing your time and mind with serenity, allowing your spirituality enter your body, and reflecting on yourself.

“Happy people become more satisfied not simply because they feel better, but because they develop resources for living well.”

Happiness Unpacked

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