How Does Vlogging Affect HR and Business Bottom Line?

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Video blogging, commonly known as vlogging, is one of the most popular types of digital video content run by a vlogger (video blogger) who candidly captures and shares their life moments.

How does vlogging affect HR and business bottom line?

Vlogs have a greater potential to go viral in a way that blogs simply don’t. While blog remains clear in helping businesses connect with new and existing audiences, vlogs have steadily nosed its way into the mainstream since video uploading has become an increasingly dominant online force in recent times.

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Research by Cisco revealed that video will account for a whopping 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022, up from 75 percent in 2017. In addition, Video Business Report 2019 published by Vidyard showed that more than 75 percent of all internet traffic is now streaming video content. The number is expected to rise to 82 percent by 2022. For example, Giant social media sharing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn reported that audiences gaze 5x longer at videos compared to static content.

The reports also found that video is helping increase dwell time on digital properties, drive more sharing on social media, and produce greater conversion rates for email marketing and lead generation. Not to mention, vlogs are more popular among younger generations which can be a gold-mine for human resource and business as you can build better trust and relationship with your stakeholders, clients, or candidates. Other effects of vlogging are as follows:

  1. Vlogging can help human resource personnel tap younger candidates. With engaging and educational video content, HR can showcase the value of the organisation.
  2. By vlogging, you can show the company culture candidly which can give real experience to candidates out there who watch your videos. The videos can build better trust and relationship with your audience as well.
  3. Videos create a better memory for your company.
  4. For HR managers or practitioners, the vlogs can represent your knowledge and expertise as you can share what you know in a fun and attractive way for a wide range of audience.
  5. YouTube has more than 3 billion searches a month and it becomes the second largest search engine in the world. Thus, if you make your vlogs available in this site, you can reach a wider scope of talents while improving overall online presence. No more hiding, a business should be well known for the public.
  6. One of the best advantages of your vlog is that you will get unlimited sharing. As mentioned earlier, individuals are more attached to videos and will love to share them with the world as long as it has informative and delightful content.

How to start the vlog

So, are you interested to make your company viral by vlogging? If your answer is yes, here is a guide to start your first vlog.

– Prepare the content

Vlogs are commonly used by business in the form of FAQs and tutorials to communicate with employees, clients, stakeholders, or simply sharing information. You can also vlog your company’s outing event or show the viewers a sense of your company culture. However, before doing the vlog, you should prepare the materials and what you want to discuss in your vlog.

– Find a vlogger    

Next step is to find a vlogger. Your vlogger should be able to: 1) represent your brand, 2) think critically and creatively, 3) make the conversation alive, and 4) demonstrate good body language that aligns with your business motto.

– Get the equipment

To record a video, you can simply use your phone or camera. A tripod or selfie stick will give a handy help for your vlogger.

– Embed the videos on your website

YouTube does not give you full control over your shared video environment, thus, you might never know how YouTube will manipulate your content. Therefore, to get full control over your video, you should embed it on your websites. You can also add popups to increase subscribers.

– Promote and vlog constantly

If this is your first vlogging, let your audience know by promoting it on social media. You can use paid or free promote option and don’t forget to utilise email lists. After that, build a strong relationship with visitors by constantly creating vlog videos.

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