Falling into Career Black Hole? 3 Simple Ways to Pull Yourself Out

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Every minute in life, you feel like you have achieved nothing. You just constantly move from one task to another. Not to mention, due to the mounting workload, you feel like there is no room for you to improve and make progress professionally. The company, on the other hand, does not provide employee training or other development programmes as well, resulting in a lack of career development. All of these factors make you feel exhausted when going back home, feeling like a loser.

Have you ever felt the same? If yes, it seems that you have been falling into a career black hole – stuck, unnoticed, with hefty workloads. This kind of feeling, then, could make you hate every second spent at work. The reason for this feeling is often because you stay in one job only for the money. You could also feel too comfortable with your job that you blame society for something you cannot do.

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The rut story, however, should not continue any longer as feeling stuck can lead you to loneliness which then turns to depression and stress. While discussing your problem with someone else could help, the best motivation and support should come from within. You should try to find some constructive way to leverage the situation and make progress. 

Try these ways out to pull yourself up from career black hole and move to the shiny shimmering splendid work life.

Re-frame and have control over your feelings and mind

It is not about the situation or the environment – so don’t blame them. It is about how you react to the surroundings that matter. For example, if you feel stuck in your career because you hate your job, this doesn’t mean you should quit the job immediately. It might not solve the entire problem, especially if your current job is the only source your income comes from.

Therefore, try to re-framing your mind and get control over your feelings. Ask yourself a question, “what do I really want to do?” If you are stuck in that question, take a walk and get some refreshment first. Surely, after you are feeling better and your mood gets better, you can think clearly and better about any situation you encounter. Thusly, regardless of how deep you fall into “black hole” is or what adversity the world throws your way, you have the power to choose how you react to it. And that power is ultimately your freedom.

Define the fact and the assumption

While you have a peaceful and calm mind, try to figure out whether your feeling of being stuck is an assumption or a fact. For instance, you constantly saying “this job does not give me room to progress”. Test this thought – whether it is a fact that is given by your company or it was just your assumption that you have not explored enough. There is probably progress that is hiding in your role or if it does not exist yet, you can create it. You can also ask for a job transfer or location transfer to explore more.

Figure out then progress (individually)

Are you currently feeling like in the lowest part of the black hole that even your thoughts can’t simply comprehend? Chances are you are not only feeling stuck but also stressed due to the situation. You cannot do what you want to do or you don’t have the ability to change career because you don’t possess the skills needed for it. Thusly, when you feel so, try to figure out the problem – what the causes are and what makes you feel lonely and stuck.

When you figure out the issue, you should start to invest in your own development. Don’t wait for the right opportunity to come, but create your own opportunity. Additionally, learning nowadays has never been more affordable or accessible with online learning like TED, Alison, Coursera, or edX. Invest in your own development will not only accelerate your ability to get unstuck but it will also increase the chances of avoiding similar situations in the future.

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