Busy Parents Ideas for Children’s Day

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Children’s Day, which was established in 1954 by the United Nations (UN), is a year to promote togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. The UNICEF promotes and coordinates this special day while working towards improving children’s welfare. The celebrations of Children’s Day vary across nations. Some countries set it as a national holiday, require students to not having school for a day, or require parents to spend time together with their children and give special honours to their children.

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But how about parents who spend most of their time at work? They can only have a few hours to spend with their kids even on Children’s Day. If you are one of them, worry no more! HR in Asia has compiled some ideas for you to make the best of the special day. Read on…

Bathing, reading, or other small gestures

As you spend most of the day at work and probably barely see your kids, you can take turns overseeing small gestures that show your care. If your children are still kiddos, you probably want to have a nice bath time together. If you have a teenage son or daughter, you might want to peek a little of their universe by spending time together reading or doing homework. This might look small but giving small nice gestures is a long-lasting strategy for parents.

Create a special ritual with them

Children, especially little kids, have a huge interest in special ritual or occasion. This could also help them build their good behaviour as they grow up. For example, you can do a morning ritual every Sunday to walk around the park with your dog along with the kids, or do simple yoga together. You can also do math or science ritual. Pick one that sparks your kids’ interest.

Set aside technology

As best as possible, don’t use technology when you try to connect better with your children. Technology can be a huge barrier for you and your kid, especially if your work has an always-on culture.

Video making with your kids

If you want a memorable and lasting memory, you might want to try this option. Record every activity you do with your children then save them on a file or CD. This will give you a fantastic remembrance as your children grow.


In your spare time, you can do scrapbooking with motivational and caring words for your kids. Attach some pictures of you spending time with your kids. Then, you can give the book on Children’s day.

Go with your children’s idea

On weekends or during your week off, you can ask your kids for what they want or where they want to go. Then, make sure you are following their ideas and finishing the activity without any distractions or complaints. This can be a great occasion for you to connect with your kids on a deeper level.

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