4 Positive Things Happening in the World during Pandemic

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4 Positive Things Happening in the World during Pandemic
4 Positive Things Happening in the World during Pandemic

Fear, anxiety, and xenophobia might not be new things. However, during the COVID-19 outbreak, these emotions become more common. Not to mention, the pandemic has created various negative impacts in the world, ranging from job losses, rising unemployment level, to increased mental sickness and stress. While the negative effects of COVID-19 are inexorable, if we look closer, the epidemic has also brought some positive effects to our environment and its people. Not convinced yet? Here are some of the positive impacts brought by COVID-19. 

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1- People are pulling together and supporting each other in a crisis

In the United Kingdom, millions of volunteers have signed up to support the National Health Security and school technicians use their 3D printers to make face shields for people in need. Reported by the Guardian, COVID-19 could be a new age where people stand together to fight the crisis and this could be a sign of solid solidarity that might last even after the crisis is gone. 

2- People are endlessly creative and innovative  

The long lockdown and isolation have ushered individuals to be more creative. A good example is Massimo Bottura, an Italian Chef, who launches an Instagram series called Kitchen Quarantine, helping people to be more creative than just cooking fast foods and drinking soda.  Many artists and individuals also join the creative movement by finding new hobbies to shoo away the boredom during isolation. 

Businesses also join the creativity movement amidst the crisis. For instance, the DC Public Library launches a special edition of virtual book clubs, helping people to acquire new knowledge. Meanwhile, Talentvis initiates the COVID-19 Job Opportunity for helping talents who lost their occupations meet new employers. 

3- There is a sense of belonging and purpose  

As the crisis surges, HR and business leaders start to rethink their strategy, inviting people to be more involved in virtual activities created by the company, such as virtual water cooler, yoga or wellbeing activities. Leaders also pay attention more to emphasising the core values of the organisation, helping to create a sense of belonging between shareholders. 

4- Flexibility and new normal helps individuals and the environment  

The pandemic has awakened businesses to let employees work more flexibly and from home – something that might have never happened before. This change from the normal work arrangement does not only affect the living of many people but also has already had a significant positive effect on the levels of pollutants in the atmosphere and on our planet. In China, there is a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels, causing a drop in carbon emissions of an estimated 25 percent. Not only in China, strikingly clear air is also seen across the globe, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Venice, and Italy. 

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