3 Intelligible Ways to Share Company Vision

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Imagine a captain without vision – where will he take the crew? Only just to find them adrift in the sea!

Same as the captain, a business without a vision is aimlessly driving their employees distraught. Vision is one of the keystones of many successful businesses. When your team know and believe in the vision of a company, they are much more likely to tie their individuals’ values to that vision. They will also have a greater sense of ownership and contribution. That said, the vision of a company can motivate employees to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Elena Bajic, the founder and CEO of IvyExec, agreed that regardless of company size, businesses should have a clear concept of how and in what way their team helps company. Sharing visions can also help employees understand their role in the company and why their position is vital to company success. As a result, the team member will feel more valued that eventually boosts their creativity and productivity within an organisation.

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Furthermore, sharing vision can create a harmonious collaboration, added Bajic. Thusly, there will be a synchronisation amongst employees, executives, managers, and the whole organisation. With this in mind, employees will better able supporting each other while company can support team in a better way. Hence, when employees feel integrated, the organisation can be strengthened from inside and outside.

Communicating your vision to the whole member, including clients and customers will strengthen the relationship between you and other parties as well. For example, your company vision is about helping clients fulfil their career needs. And while you achieve this vision, you are also helping society by giving charity for every client who succeeds in achieving their dream career. This kind of value can be delivered greatly to your client’s heart. When seeing that your organisation has a value that helps not only one person but the society, the clients will likely have a better experience and share this with other potential clients.

Sharing vision to every member of the team, however, can be hard to talk. You might share too much or too little in an un-understandable way. You might also focus too much on something that does not matter most, “too company-centric” for example.

Therefore, to help your company survive the storm of never-ending competitiveness, you should have a better strategy to communicate your vision to your team members. The first thing is to always avoid misunderstanding that often occurs. The rest is, try these three practicable ways to share an understandable and engage-able company vision.

1. Don’t “just” focus on your vision

As a leader, you might be the most experienced and influenced individual in the organisation that you can bring the best visions that help the business boost like a rocket. But, collaboration is important and employees might have better ideas that you never ever heard before. While you can put an organisation-centric based vision, for instance, your employees can share a better vision, which is important for the company. So, do communicate your vision – listen to other’s vision – and apply that will work best according to your company value.

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” – Robert Fritz

2. Show the big picture, but don’t forget the small details

Many leaders often communicate their vision as a big picture that everyone should accomplish. They often say, as an example, “Our vision is to make every customer happy and get more sales 5 percent every month.” But they forget to share the most matter which is a detail of a vision, such as what should your employee do to achieve their end goal?

Remember that as a leader you are not just “manage” people to do things they should do but to “lead” people to do better in what they currently do.

3. Communicate the vision diligently and concisely

You cannot expect your team to always fire up upon their job. Sometimes, they just forget how valuable they are in a company. Therefore, you should diligently remind your people that they are matter by continuously sharing a vision of your organisation. As best as possible, make your employees more engaged by showing your care and your attention to their achievement that is aligned to the company’s vision. Last but not least, do communicate your vision is a concise way. You should structure your vision “orientation” by discussing in one or two sentences about the most matter and the most desirable vision that can help companies thrive.

Be short, sweet, and positive in your vision delivery.

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