20 Dissertation Topic Ideas for Human Resources PhD Students

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PhD degree in human resources can be a valuable and negligible degree you could ever pursue. Not only will it help you to connect to a wider network, a PhD student also has other value as it can open more doors of opportunity such as teaching, strategic planning, as well as speaking gigs. Moreover, PhD graduates are often sought out by people to validate data or conclusions which might pave the way to unique opportunities in your future career. Writing articles or books while holding a PhD degree can also add credibility to your material and help you obtain radio/TV interviews.

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However, the road to graduation as a PhD student is not easy. You need to find an appealing and interesting topic to write for your dissertation. Yet, the topic should also be in a range of your preferred area. With that in mind, if you are an HR doctoral student and is currently brainstorming for what ideas to write, here are some chosen topics for your consideration.

  1. The impact of administrative exclusion on organisation and employees
  2. Employee associations and their relationship to the overall management of an organisation
  3. Workplace negativity and politics impact on employees’ wellbeing and corporation performance
  4. The impact of employee behaviour for workplace performance and company ROI
  5. Analysing workforce culture in-depth (from workplace design to employee wellbeing) and how it affects overall company bottom line
  6. Further study on executive emotional intelligence and its effect on organisation leadership
  7. High CEOs impact on employees’ work participation
  8. The role of human resources in an organisation’s innovation process
  9. Benefits and compensations that improve worker productivity and morale in the workplace
  10. The impact of human resources information systems on productivity
  11. High involvement work processes and mechanism
  12. The best and worst value of voice technology in the human resource field
  13. The correlation between task difficulty and employees’ psychology
  14. How apprenticeship changes workforce value
  15. The role of the administration in team building and development of an organisation
  16. The impacts of electronic monitoring on contemporary management of employee output
  17. The role of labour lawyer in organisational harmony and his impact on business laws and ethics
  18. The relationship between tribal diversity and administration performance in an organisation
  19. The relation between (advantage and disadvantage of) HR application and employees’ wellbeing
  20. The relations between incentives and compensation to employees’ stress and burnout

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