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25th – 26th April 2016


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Venue to be confirmed)


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Course Introduction

  • The first quality control checkpoint in ensuring an organisation has the right people in the right quantity and quality at the right place and the right time starts with hiring.

  • This can be put in place by having a standard methodology of hiring: recruiting, interviewing and selecting candidates.

  • As hiring has an impact on an organisation’s brand name and business performance, it is important that interviewers are equipped with the appropriate skills and decorum when interacting with candidates.

Training Objective

  • To appreciate the link between effective hiring and organizational performance.

  • To appreciate the positive benefits of hiring the right persons and the negative implications of hiring the wrong ones.

  • To practice the most important and relevant skills with exercises and role plays.

  • For participants to learn to craft behavioural and competency-based questions to solicit the required information from the candidates.

  • To enhance the confidence of the participants in hiring effectively.


This course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format with Role Simulation Exercises based on real world examples. Places are limited to ensure all participants gain maximum insight into world class strategic thinking.


To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this event, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to establish exactly what your course needs are. The completed forms will be analysed by the course facilitator. As a result, we ensure the course is delivered at an appropriate level and that relevant issues will be addressed.


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance bearing the signatures of the Course Organizer. This Certificate will testify to your professional development and assist in your advancement.

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