Inclusive HR Indonesia: HR Community Present in Inclusiveness and Social Mission

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Regardless of the business size and model, there are good chances that being a High Performance Organization (HPO) is the ultimate goal for many organizations. HPO can be achieved by integrating various aspects, such as structure, process, culture, as well as the company’s most important asset: people. Many strategies have been implemented by both large and small organizations to turn the dream of being an HPO into reality. However, many still have to face obstacles due to competence gap, either from the process of program planning, execution, or evaluation.

To answer these challenges, Inclusive HR Indonesia (IHRI) is present in a spirit of inclusiveness and social mission, especially for HR practitioners who are keen to continue to develop their skills and competences through a mutually supportive environment and affordable costs. Among the motives that give birth to the IHRI community was due to the concern regarding the relatively costly employee workshops but lacked in quality and learning experience. As a result, this kind of course is unable to encourage participants to improve their competence.

Since 2013, IHRI has been actively organizing quality workshops facilitated by adept HR experts, such as Derli Fahlevi, Fhierly Husein, Ferry Wirawan Tedja, M. Yunus, etc. The investment offered also comes in reasonable fee for practitioners who want to develop their competence independently, which ranges from IDR250,000 to IDR650,000 for each session.

Besides the competence improvement program, IHRI also actively conducts social activities periodically. In collaboration with Tiaskomka, IHRI also contributes to the development of education for underprivileged and orphaned children. Not only that, IHRI also tries to always be present in other social movements such as offering helping hand during natural disasters and other social activities.

This time, Inclusive HR Indonesia is back to answer the needs of HR practitioners as we conduct training sessions with the following topics:



Topic Speaker Date Venue Investment
1 Training Needs Analysis Batch 1 Marupa Rianto, MM, MBA 25 Agustus 2018 D’ Hotel, Jakarta IDR300.000,-
2 Training Needs Analysis Batch 2 Marupa Rianto, MM, MBA 1 September 2018 D’ Hotel, Jakarta IDR300.000,-
3 HR Audit Ferry Wirawan TedjaM. Psi., CHRM, CSEP, CBPM, CKPI 15 – 16 September 2018 D’ Hotel, Jakarta IDR600.000,-
4 Training Modul Design Fhierly Husein S.Psi., MBA 6 -7 Oktober 2018 D’ Hotel, Jakarta IDR600.000,-

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