9th HRM Summit 2020 India

June 15, 20202:44 pm1607 views
9th HRM Summit 2020 India
9th HRM Summit 2020 India



This August, we will get into the habit of rewriting the conference rule book. Over the past 8 years, we have reinvented the art of attending a Conference. We ask, why should it be expensive? Now it’s time to change the HR conference scene.

HRM Summit 2020 India is a Virtual event focused on quality, not merely quantity. People, in the business of people are set to witness 50 painstakingly selected Speakers tell their honest, passionate and sometimes personal stories on how the turning points of their pasts changed the trajectory of the future. Add 6 practical HR Workshops on trending topics, and you’ll begin to understand what you can expect from the HRM Summit India.

The Annual HRM Summit 2020, is a leading event dedicated to the specialized needs of a fast-developing marketplace. It is the only integrated networking event that is focused on providing deep insights into the Human Resources Development and management life cycles, with particular emphasis on the application of international best practices tailored to our market. HRM Summit 2020 incorporates 3 Breakout Summits featuring 90+ international HR though Leaders, 6 Workshops, 40+ Exhibitors and HR Deep Dive Sessions


Monday – Friday, 3 – 7 August 2020



How to Register

To learn more and to register, please visit hrmsummit.in and take advantage of the Super Early Bird tickets! See you at the HRM Summit 2020, India Virtual

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