5th Human Capital & Talent Management for Energy Industry Summit 2019

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It is no secret that the global energy, oil and gas industry is currently faced with the imminent tension of reconciliating the gaps between outstanding growth potential, as well as a deepening shortage of labour resources available in the market. Bearing in mind that labour shortages are an issue throughout the global energy, oil and gas industry, the 5th Human Capital & Talent Management for Energy Summit aims to foster dialogue at a regional level and lay the groundwork for a robust action plan that supports the unique nature of the region and its challenges.

Equip Global’s 5th Human Capital & Talent Management for Energy Summit has been tailored for the Heads/Senior Managers/Managers/Senior Executives/Line Managers & Executives of Human Resource/HR, Human Capital, Talent Management/Development Organizational Development/Performance Management etc, who wants to hear from industry leaders sharing thought-provoking and ground-breaking Knowledge and Insights on the most trending Human Capital management topics in the industry!

The 5th Human Capital & Talent Management for Energy Summit is an excellent platform for professionals involved in the Energy industry, to generate valuable snapshots of challenges and identify potential solutions in this fast-evolving industry. Expect to hear from the energy industry’s Leading Human Resources Experts as they share on Top Strategies to Retain your Specialized Talent Pool in this sector.


June 17 – 20, 2019



How to Register

To learn more, please visit the website or email us at enquiry@equip-global.com today!

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