Why Team Building Events are Important

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Companies and small organizations looking at growing successfully must have people working closely together. While we’ve heard the saying “two heads are better than one”, plenty more heads are the best. Regardless of varying personalities among workers, a team with happy and healthy working relationship is able to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore important for the HR management to constantly empower workers through team building events to always work as a team to accomplish tasks more quickly and synergistically.

Team building builds trust

Trust is very hard to gain especially in the workplace where a co-worker is treated as professional threat and workplace betrayal is a common situation. However not being able to trust causes a worker to get stuck, making it hard to ask and accept help thus failing to become a good team player. Team building activities help foster mutual trust among team members to openly share creative ideas, and as a result, become more productive and efficient.

More trust, less conflicts

If any, conflicts are among the many things team members would like to avoid experiencing. While it is totally unavoidable, team building helps ease conflicts to resolve disputes quickly, by allowing team members to get to know each other on a more personal level. Studies reveal that just simply getting to know 3 interesting facts about a co-worker effectively diminishes any personal misconception to move towards understanding and support.

Team building binds witty heads together

Work collaboration is a breeze among team members with a strong bond. While each one is allowed independent creative expression, when these ideas are put together better quality of work is produced. Team building helps in the simulation of these activities through hypothetical business issues thus putting the team’s problem solving approach into practice.

Team building improves team communication

Communication can make or break even a good team. Communication becomes critical especially during problem solving activities of the group. Good communication requires listening and verbal expression to make a statement. But communication may also be non-verbal, requiring the need to be sensitive to any non-verbal cues. While it is important to be open and honest about varying work opinions, it is still necessary to express the same in a tactful and professional manner. Whatever the case may be, communication in teams is very important to get things done on time with less conflict.

Team building activities help communicate clear expectations among members

No business is without projects and no matter how one an individual worker can manage the project alone the results may not be as creative and successful than when done by a team. Team building activities makes it all clear to the team members that they are expected to work together, share and collaborate ideas together and produce results together. Even in the presence of conflicts, members are encouraged to be receptive and supportive to further enhance thought process necessary for productive work output.

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