Why Managing Employee Relations is Important

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Why Managing Employee Relations is Important
Why Managing Employee Relations is Important

It’s basic human nature to build relationships, whether personal or professional. Human growth is base of human relationships that is seeking expression. However, developing relationship with another, oftentimes proves to be quite challenging as each person possess different personality – such is the case in a typical workplace. In an environment such as that, your personality is only as good (or as bad) as the people you work with. Good relationships beget good relationship, and the same may be said of its reverse. This makes managing human relations in the workplace very important, in order to maintain good and healthy personal and professional relationships among workers. It is not only beneficial to the individual worker, but to the whole organization as well.

Taking the lead

Nothing inspires employees more than having managers set a good example in human relations. Good working behavior towards another employee, be it a subordinate or line manager resonates the message of better productivity when it comes to work.

Human resource management likewise must establish a work culture that encourages healthy working relations, anchored in the spirit of creativeness and less of destructive competition.

No man is an island – even in the workplace

Regardless if an individual worker is better at working alone, somewhere along the way his work productivity would still benefit from somebody else’s help. In an organization, every individual effort is part and parcel of a collective work effort. Everyone contributes to the organization’s success, and work results are better when done together. It is important therefore to not only to be open to seek help from others, but also provide help when needed.

Healthy and happy work environment is one of the best employee motivators

Nothing beats a workplace that feels more like home than a place full of strife and destructive competition. Employees get better and better at work when there is less relationship stress to deal with, be it from a cranky boss or a very demanding coworker. Likewise a workplace with great camaraderie encourages one to do more at work without the need to take count of work contribution.

Trust is easily given

Working relations go deeper in time when there is trust that binds coworkers together. Trust allows each one in the organization to open up and accept each other’s weaknesses, at the same time acknowledge strengths without prejudice.

No cat or dog fights; no drama

When coworkers are not in good terms with one another, it encourages gossip and arguments. ‘Though totally discouraged, drama in the office cannot be always avoided; yet the same can be non-existent in a workplace with good human relations.

Less complain, more work done

A work culture that encourages continuing efficient productivity cannot be made possible when there isn’t a good working relationship among employees. Managers are at the forefront of demonstrating that work pressures are opportunities in disguise, a means to stretch, to acquire more knowledge that in the future would prove beneficial to his/her career. If this thought is mutually shared there will less and less complain and more work done.


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