Where Motivation Knows No Bounds and the Quest Continues: Revealing the ‘Takeda’ Ways

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With happy employees at the heart of its businesses and motivating work environment being the soul of its smooth workings, there’s no stopping Asia Pacific’s leading innovator in medicine – Takeda.

Treading the corporate philosophy of “Takeda-ism” (Integrity: Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance) at the core of its business operations to inspire employees create happy workplaces, gets the brand recognised as a Top Employer of Choice across seven countries in Asia Pacific. Kudos to team Takeda!

We at HR in Asia unveil the secrets to sustaining employee motivation levels throughout the company journey of two centuries and more into the pharma business, while allowing the propensity of curious minds at work, worldwide to research on, innovate and spread the message of better health and brighter future for the generations that follow.

Here’s an inspiring tête-à-tête with Gordon Cameron, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Takeda. Read on…

  • What are the factors that determine employee engagement at Takeda and the benefits you think makes all employees happy?

One of the key factors for employee engagement at Takeda is for employees to recognize that, the work that they are doing is essential and that we ultimately aim to provide better health and brighter future for patients. It is also important that as an organization we share consistent messages regularly so that all staff are aligned on a common goal and strategy.

Gordon Cameron, Vice President - Asia Pacific, Takeda

Gordon Cameron, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Takeda

  • With more than three generations, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z working together in the same workplace, how difficult is it for organisations to maintain employee satisfaction levels?

In order to maintain satisfaction levels, I think it is important to have an open and honest discussion with each employee and have a tailored individual development plan. Different generations might measure satisfaction differently and in acknowledgement of the same, we must provide relevant prospects.  For example, the younger generation may be keen to gain varied experiences, while the matured generation might wish to pursue mentoring and leadership opportunities.

  • How do engaged employees contribute towards building a positive employer brand to attract best talent from the industry?

Takeda’s greatest advocates are our employees, since they are the ones who engage with the external audiences be it business partners or customers. Having a highly engaged set of employees is the most important factor that contributes towards building a positive employer brand.

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  • What does the recent Top Employer certification mean for the company? Was there a conscious effort made towards making it to the ranks of being a Top Employer of Choice or did it happen by chance?

We are delighted to be certified as a Top Employer of choice across 7 countries in Asia Pacific and we see it as a first step towards becoming a best-in-class employer. Takeda has gone through an enormous globalisation in the past 7 years, and we are very proud of how far we have come to be a Top Employer.

Throughout this journey, we discovered how much we have covered across all levels – global, regional, area, and country; to ensure that all employees and functions have development programmes and systems in place. By identifying the gaps, we strive to improve and make ourselves more equipped for a new generation of employees.

  • What are the motivation techniques or strategies implied at Takeda to keep the staff charged to perform and drive productive outcomes?

Motivation comes from balancing a number of things. At Takeda, our focus remains on firstly inspiring our employees, so they recognize that the work they do is directly connected to improving the quality of patient’s lives. Employees also remain motivated when they acknowledge the investment we make in training and promoting staff at various stages in their career.  Grand_reception_Takeda

  • How important are surveys and feedback mechanisms in measuring employee engagement levels of an organisation?

Feedback mechanisms are important for employees to express themselves and provide a connection between work perception and work reality. At Takeda, we have regular informal dialogues, as well as a formal system which ensures that the feedback is two ways. Feedback is helpful to respond to and close gaps identified through these systems.

  • How do you know if the employees are actively engaged or highly disengaged?

We utilize formal systems and employee retention matrixes but in my opinion, the best indicator is measurement of employee morale assessed on a regular informal basis.

  • What are the parameters to monitor employee disengagement with a business?

We conduct a formal survey with a group of employees to measure and track engagement every year. A good disengagement indicator would be the number of staff leaving the organisation on a year-on-year basis.

  • Explain the role of rewards, recognition and benefits to encourage key performers and retain quality talent within an organisation?

At Takeda, we have a reward system based on a broad and balanced range of indicators. It is important for staff to know what they are entitled to and it must be presented in a transparent and clear framework. This long term performance based system ensures that talent retention is high.

  • How important is workplace culture, environment and relationship with colleagues in maintaining harmony at work and ensuring employee happiness?

It is important to provide an environment that inspires employees and promotes happiness in the workplace.  At Takeda Asia Pacific, we are ten diverse markets and we recognize that workplace culture is as varied as our region. Responding to this diversity, we strive to provide our employees with the right work environment to flourish in each of these markets.

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